Why Tungsten Carbide Rings Are Popular

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) June 12, 2009 -- Tungsten carbide is one of the many known materials used today in making wedding rings.Though considered new in the market, tungsten carbide rings are considered by jewelers and metallurgists to be twice as tough and twice as durable as any other kind of wedding ring, even platinum and gold. Many jewelry stores and online jewelry shops claim tungsten carbide to be virtually scratch-proof and incapable of bending out of shape. It is even considered to be twice as hard as steel. In fact, other than being used as a component in making tungsten carbide rings, it is used in so many industrial and even military applications because of its toughness.

Applications of Tungsten

There are many reasons why jewelers chose tungsten carbide as a principal making for making wedding rings (as in tungsten carbide rings to be exact). One popular reason is because of its ability to withstand high-stress and high-impact situations. Tungsten carbide is so strong that it is used for heavy duty applications such as machining tools. Carbide cutting surfaces are often used for machining tough materials such as carbon or stainless steel, as well as in situations where other tools would wear away, like in high-quantity production runs. Most of the time, carbide will leave a better finish on the part, and allow faster machining. Carbide tools can also withstand higher temperatures than standard high speed steel tools.

Tungsten carbide is so tough that it is even used in the military. In armor-piercing ammunition, it is used as a substitute for uranium especially where uranium is almost depleted, unavailable, or not politically acceptable. Tungsten carbide is also an effective neutron reflector and as such was used during early investigations into nuclear chain reactions, particularly for weapons. Tungsten carbide ammunition can be of the sabot type or sub caliber ammunition, where copper or other relatively soft material is used to encase the hard penetrating core, the two parts being separated only on impact.

Hard carbides, especially tungsten carbide, are used by athletes, generally on poles which impact on hard surfaces. Trekking poles, used by many hikers for balance and for reducing pressure on leg joints, generally use carbide tips in order to gain traction when placed on hard surfaces (like rock). Such carbide tips last much longer than other types of tips. Some tire manufacturers, such as Nokian and Schwalbe, offer bicycle tires with tungsten carbide studs for better traction on ice. These are generally preferred over steel studs because they're highly wear-resistant.

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