Why You Should Use WiFi Guardian to Protect Yourself in Public

Amsterdam, Netherlands (PressExposure) April 14, 2008 -- Today, we live in a highly connected world. We are connected everywhere. Want to get online? Pull out your notebook, flip on your wireless connection, and you are more than likely to find a free wireless connection anywhere that is within walking distance to a coffee shop. You can find it in airports and train stations, malls and even some housing neighborhoods are made completely wireless. This may seem great, but you aren't looking at the implications of this! Where you are connected, you are constantly being spied on.

There is always that one person that knows how to hack into any of the information you are streaming or have streamed. This could include social security numbers, credit card and bank account information, your personal addresses, and other confidential material. Do you want someone seeing everything you do? Of course not, so WiFi Guardian is here to help you keep you the only one knowing what is on your screen. Here is why you should use WiFi Gurdian:

Keep those hackers out!

When you use WiFi Guardian, your wireless connection is constantly protected. Your data stream will be encrypted, scrambled and locked, so anyone trying to access your information will only see data that would take lifetimes to decrypt. Let those not using WiFi Guardian get hacked while you stay safe and sound.

Surf Anonymously

Sounds cool, right? Well it is cool, but extremely useful. No one will know who you are. Not only is your data encrypted, but your IP is completely changed. Your computer normally carries an individual IP address that it will surf the internet with. When you use WiFi Guardian, you can bypass this. No one will know who you are, as you aren't using your normal "internet ID."

Access Block Websites

If you are in a country that blocks certain websites, fret no more, because you will have access to absolutely any website you want. Just connect to a server outside of your country that allows access, and you can be surfing in no time. If you are connecting wirelessly to a school or library connection, some popular websites like MySpace could be blocked. WiFi Guardian lets you look at MySpace without caring about what your school rules say. The librarian will never be able to catch you either, with your hidden IP address.

Using WiFi Guardian is a surefire way to keep your wireless connection safer than everyone else's around you. Do you want to be the one singled out because your information was easier to access than everyone else's? Keep credit cards in your wallet and out of sight from internet lurkers. Know your information will always stay with you, and never fall into the wrong hands. WiFi Guardian makes it possible to do this.

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