Wii Drivekey Modchip Update 2009

Winnipeg, Canada (PressExposure) September 19, 2009 -- With more and more games rolling into the market almost on a daily basis, you may not be surprised to learn of the newest "Drivekey" - the Wiikey like mod chip. You must also be anxious to know whether it will live up to the crazy hype that is with the online gaming community.

This is the fourth generation chip in the whole developmental process of the Drivekey that has widely been touted as the solution for d3 DVD rom drives. But just how does the whole modding process work and is it that easy on set up and installation?

Installation of this drivekey is very simple. All you have to do is open your Wii and plug the chip in between two flex cables and because the Nintendo Wii is modded, you just put the Wii back together and the gamer is ready to play. It's that simple! No soldering is required at all. You can bet on it claiming a substantial chunk of the market in not a very long time.

The new Wii key like modchip was conceived and designed by the same people who developed the Wiikey, D2PRO, D2CKEY, d2lite and the Wiikey 2. They are popular for using only the highest quality Japanese components, flexible clamps and the DIP switch module and excellent assembly work. The stickers are also a nice add on and for longtime gamers, it is as if they were viewing normal XBOX Modchip stickers.

On what works with the Drive-Key Modchip, extensive testing is first done and backups created to ensure perfect performance. Additionally, homebrew disc's have a history of working without hitches. The only thing you may need to check is the guitar hero custom music discs. On the downside, this chip can only read 3x although this might not be a big issue. It also might require you to manually adjust the audios, they don't come up very well when installing automatically.

This chip will without doubt make life much easier for game lovers with no technical insight needed for installation. Moreover, the manufacturer is considered top notch. You can bet it will take long for the Nintendo Wii gaming platform to catch up with other systems in the quest to control the homebrew market.

Already available is a super Nintendo emulator. Wait soon gamers and gaming aficionados worldwide will soon have more and more exciting and exhilarating emulators will be ported to this system, with which to play their favorite vintage as well as classic video games - whether they were console , computer or early retro handheld gaming devices. You can almost bet your last dollar that the Nintendo Wii small home play consoles will go down in history as the next homebrew console. Next in line in evolution we can well expect to see an actually functioning media center as well as a host other fine programs. It seems as if mod-chips designed especially for the Wii are currently better than the softmod out on the gamer's marketplace. With all the competition in this most competitive field you as can well expect new updates for this Modchip to be roled out all the time. In the field itself it is often held and assumed that the experience is that hardware mod-chips always seem to have the edge over the software softmods.

Unlike the Modchip that are hyped up during their developemt and end up disappointing, the Wii Modchip works as advertised for it takes less than 15 - 20minutes to install in totality. It has a built in configuration menu and neither you nor the experienced and completive gamers in your community will have to waste media to run it. Additionally you can easily update via DVD or a JTAG programmer saving you money and time while enjoying more gaming. New firmware is available online? Simply update your chip. You do not have to run out and buy the new model or order online from internet mod chips and chipset hardware suppliers.

All in all, this chip can be simply descried as the most significant improvement in the Modchip Drive-key products in recent times. You may now go ahead and get some for your friends and have more gaming partners and more lively competition.

Modchip Central currently has new stock with the 0hm resistor in place of the X4 / B4 diode as the ones with the X4 / B4 diode still had issues with originals. This is guaranteed to work with backups and originals. This is a 100% solder-less chip. It works with the epoxy drives and D3 drives but does not work on D3-2 drives.

The Drivekey modchip clips between the motherboard and the Wii drive and allows you to play 100% of your backup games. Again, it is partial compatibility for region free, just like any other modchips out there.

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