Will Plaxico Burress Make It Back to The NFL?

Louisville, KY (PressExposure) August 25, 2009 -- Plaxico Burress pleaded guilty last Thursday to weapons charges and agreed to a jail term of two years. Burress is believed to be headed to a medium security level prison in upstate New York. It also was reported that Plaxico has retained a prison coach to help him to prepare for what will certainly be a major change in lifestyle for him. We asked prison consultants from PrisonCoach.com, Steven Oberfest and Steve Vincent, to give their views and opinions on Plaxico's situation.

"Plaxico made the right decision by hiring a prison coach to help him prepare for prison," said Steve Vincent, an ex-police officer, federal inmate turned prison consultant, and co-founder of PrisonCoach.com. "Plaxico has millions more to lose than the average inmate. All it would take is one injury from a violent confrontation with another inmate for Plaxico to lose his career in the NFL," he said. "The inmates know that Plaxico is a NFL player and that his body is his tool-of-the-trade. If some jealous inmate wanted to really hurt him, he would try to inflict an injury that would steal Plaxico's career away from him," he said.

Steven Oberfest, the co-founder of PrisonCoach.com, said that it’s obvious that Plaxico has concerns about prison. "I've been doing prison coaching since 2002 and I can tell you that all of my high profile clients express concerns about the violence they might experience in prison," he said. "Plaxico is obviously a world class athlete who has taken some major NFL hits on Sundays, but violence in prison is usually a daily occurrence with no helmets or pads, and no referee to blow a whistle to stop the play. Plaxico will be locked up with some of the most violent people in the state,” said Oberfest.

Vincent and Oberfest both believe that Burress will have a more difficult time than what Michael Vick experienced. "Vick served his time at a Federal Prison Camp, which only house nonviolent inmates, while Plaxico will be housed at a higher security level state prison, where the violent bad boy inmates are sent," said Vincent. "Vick had it easy compared to what Plaxico will have to go through," said Oberfest.

Oberfest made it clear that Burress should learn how to defend himself. "Plaxico will be alright as long as he listens to his prison coach, who hopefully is not just some lawyer, and Plaxico should ask, that is playing prison coach for the cheap publicity, and who has never served any time in prison," said Oberfest. "If you've never been an inmate you can't honestly prepare someone else to be an inmate," said Vincent. "I also hope Plaxico gets some type of self-defense training like we provide at PrisonCoach.com. If not than he can expect to spend every minute inside stressing about injuries and looking over his shoulder," added Oberfest.

Both Steven Oberfest and Steve Vincent can be reached at 877-726-2247 or through their website, http://www.prisoncoach.com

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