Win at Roulette or Stumble to Your Car a Desperate Vagabond

Surrey, Canada (PressExposure) July 21, 2009 -- The moon is high and threatening, but so what. You've got a bank account that needs a few zeros tacked to it, and tonight roulette's the way to go. A group outside the double glass doors to the casino is smoking and chattering in a high pitched whine. You ignore them, walk in, grab a pile of chips, a drink, eye the place up for the first time, find the roulette table, and mutter an oath under your breath, "tonight, I must win at roulette."

It's all done casual enough. You place your bets - straight ups, corners, streets - looking to secure an early psychological advantage over the House. Maybe your positive attitude will attract the ball to one of your numbers and make you a big winner in the sea of slot machine churned losers? But probably not. Understanding the odds and developing a strategy, not blind optimism, is the key to winning at roulette. So check your excitement at the door, especially when you're winning. A common mistake occurs after a big wave of wins when the individual assumes that the wave will carry on indefinitely. At best it's a rare occurrence. So rare that any serious gambler will stay away from that sort of high emotion. And its opposite attitude, desperate hope that occurs during a bad game, is just as likely to bankrupt you. If the ball fails to land on your number(s), in the end it does not increase your odds. At every spin the odds stay the same. Keep that in mind - the ball can land on the same number all night and never use up the chance or luck of that number.

With your emotions in check, you can keep your oath and win at roulette. Knowing the odds - a single bet on one number called a 'straight up' is 35-1 - is essential to winning at roulette. Developing a system or adopting a preexisting one is also vital. There are a number of good strategies to consider before haphazardly venturing out into a trial and error scenario of system development. It is, after all, your money, something you've probably worked hard for. So give these systems a try before developing your own.

The Andrucci System is a good place to start. Instead of impulsively and blindly betting fist sized sums of cash the minute you step in the door, try to watch at least 25 rounds, and remember some of the prominent numbers that have come up. If you're uncomfortable with being a lone spectator, try bring a friend and let them have a go at it, while you hang back with encouraging words, observing the game and its tendencies. It's not fool proof, and you may at some point have to abandon it. But it is a good way to familiarize yourself with the roulette table and make good calculated guesses.

Another fine strategy to help you win at roulette is the D'Alembert System. It's effortless and can be easily fitted with any system. Simply bet one extra unit at every loss and one less at every win. Not only does this help create confidence in your roulette game, but it minimizes losses.

Confidence, calculation, observation, and knowing your odds are the key principles to win at roulette. And with a firmly established system in place, your bank account's zeros will increase, and you won't end the night in your car a desperate vagabond.

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