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London, Uk (PressExposure) February 04, 2012 -- At Sentrex we specialize in all aspects of window cleaning, UPVC and facade cleaning by using our very latest in water purification & pole cleaning systems (Reach & Wash). We are highly trained and highly experienced in the safe use of ladders, harnesses, abseiling rope access & hydraulic platform vehicles (cherry pickers) and we can access any kind of building in a safe and controlled manner.

We recognize the value of the quality of our work and it is our company policy to maintain the best and highest standards possible by implementing a strict code of conduct.

It is our policy & standard practice to have a work satisfactory note signed off by each client, on the completion of any work. This gives our clients the maximum opportunity to express any concerns & to make comments as well as give ratings to our work. The comments are then passed on to the management, who monitor and carry out, random quality control checks, on all staff and contracts.

We ensure that all the staff members are well groomed and are wearing company uniform at all the times, clearly showing our Sentrex emblem on themselves.

In the window cleaning industry costing is inflated due to the risk involved in it, greater the risk yield higher the price, as the danger money is then applied. Also the hiring of many expensive cherry pickers & using abseiling techniques inflates the price greatly. Because there is no risk & no high access equipment required, we can pass on these savings to our clients.

How much money will the Reach & Wash system save us?

In terms of how much is tough to answer as every job is different and it has its own problems as well as complexities? However via past experience and customer feedback, on an average, we are saving our clients around 25-35% of their total window cleaning costs, by using the hi-tech systems. This is in comparison to the more conventional methods used before, such as ladders etc.

Is it safe?

Yes! Absolutely safe! Because the operators always work from the safety of the ground and no ladders or any other equipment are used.

Are the poles heavy & how do you control it on the height?

The poles are specially made from high quality carbon fiber which is extremely light but very strong material. As this is so strong and durable we can easily control all the poles without too much friction or bend. When working on the heights in excess of 40 feet we always work in 'pairs' with one person checking the terrain.

What methods do you use to clean the windows?

On the top of the pole there is a nylon brush head with a small channel that jets out a constant supply of pure water. First we do clean the frames and then the glass by moving the brush head (which is constantly wet) over them. We then rinse all the windows and the frames and leave to dry to a spot free finish.

How can 'pure water' not leave any marks or the 'droplets'?

Unlike 'bottled water', rain or tap water which contains mineral deposits, pollution, calcium & chemicals our water is completely stripped of every element and is pure in every sense. We do this by using a great technique called reverse osmosis (RO) which is a filtration process. The end result is always 100% laboratory graded pure water. Because of the purity, quite simply nothing can be deposited on the windows which are always left spot free.

How do you get the constant supply of water and where exactly do you treat it?

The water is treated on our premises using 12 hour and 5 stage filtration processes. When this process is completed, we transfer this water into our specially adapted vans which have 1500 liter holding tanks. We then transport the water on site where this is pumped through the carbon fiber poles onto brush heads and ultimately onto the area to be cleaned.

Is there any chemical used during this filtration process?

Never! All the filters contain natural elements such as salt, resin beads and carbon sediment & are environmentally safe.

Can the water damage or stain our property or building?

No. This water can never cause any such kind of damage. More damage is caused by the pollution in the rain or atmosphere.

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