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Colorado Springs, Colorado (PressExposure) February 13, 2012 -- Immediate Release: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA - February 13, 2012: 'Nothing comes for free' or at least this is what we have drummed into our heads from an early age. Absolutely everything has a price tag, whether we pay in dollar bills or more intangible currencies. Well, apparently this isn't always the case! And where one might least expect to find free services - in healthcare - qualified and experienced Colorado dentists, Dr. Morgan and Dr. Rogers, are providing patients with a second chance at great oral health thanks to their incredible offer! This offer consists of a (1) free initial consultation, during which a patient's oral health is thoroughly assessed, ailments diagnosed and a detailed plan for a smile restoration. And (2) panoramic X-ray imaging; a service that is notoriously heavy on the pocket owing to the sophistication of the machinery, explain these Colorado dentists. In addition to these services, should a patient go through with the treatment, they will receive a discount on all subsequent 3D CAT Scan imaging!

Colorado Dentists and CAT Scan Imaging

CAT scan imaging allows Colorado dentists unprecedented insight into a patient's oral health. By providing a 3-dimentional view of a patient's jaw bone structure and tooth alignment and orientation, Dr. Morgan and Dr. Rogers are able to plan dental surgeries, such as for the placement of dental implants, in much greater detail with the following advantages:

• Greater surgical predictability and success
• Much reduced risk of complication, risk and dental implants failure
• The need for fewer incisions and sutures
• Lesser post-operative pain and discomfort
• Quicker recovery period

Thanks to 3D CAT scan imaging, Colorado dentists are able to analyze, plan and complete smile restoration in an unprecedented amount of time with an unprecedented degree of accuracy.

Colorado Dentists and Dental Implants

Patients presenting with one or more missing teeth will find this offer by Colorado dentists, Dr. Morgan and Dr. Rogers, especially beneficial. 3D CAT scan imaging aids tremendously in the placement of dental implants through the precise collection of data, such as buccolingual dimensions, bone height and concavities. This enables Colorado dentists to plan placement surgeries to be as safe, risk and complication-free and minimally invasive as possible. This in turn makes for a much speedier and comfortable recovery from having dental implants placed. Smile restoration used to require a journey of months and even years spent in and out of surgery and recovery. Thanks to the suite of modern dental implants protocol, products and technology, Colorado dentists are able to restore patients' smiles in as little as a single day, with a single surgery.

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If you wish to see your smile restored and your oral health on the road to recovery, don't hesitate to contact Colorado dentists, Dr. Morgan and Dr. Rogers today for your FREE initial consultation and panoramic X-ray imaging. It is never too late to get your beautiful and healthy smile back!

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