With Squadhelp's Service Marketplace, Buyers and Service Providers Collectively Win Big

Chicago, IL (PressExposure) July 31, 2011 -- Both established and newly launched businesses are faced with a common challenge, and that is how to make the most with what little they have. In an effort to produce more with less, many have turned to a less traditional procurement concept that has been proven to work, and that is the idea of the service marketplace [http://www.squadhelp.com/Service_Marketplace/]. In recent years, businesses of all types, no matter where they are on their maturity cycle are discovering, sometimes painfully, that in order to have a chance at success, they have got to start producing more with less, particularly given the floundering economic conditions which has not made any profound improvement since the financial meltdown dragged the global economy into the gutter several years ago.

One particular service marketplace that has been thriving despite abysmal economic conditions is that which is provided by Squadhelp, a trusted partner of many businesses and service providers alike in the crowdsourcing space. Squadhelp began its march on the service provider space by initially providing a forum for service providers and buyers to get together and transact. The approach was and still is as a matter of fact, as simple as it is effective: businesses sponsor a contest where service providers compete and bid on the contest. After evaluating all entries, the business sponsor pays for the best submission.

With the contest model, the most compelling effort wins the day. Because of this reality, service providers compete fiercely, putting forth their best in an effort to win the contest, and thus the money. The best providers win, the business contest sponsor wins and Squadhelp wins. The Squadhelp community is a perfect example of a triad construct that truly works. Part of Squadhelp's success stems from the founder's commitment to listen to the Squadhelp community and institute changes that the community deems are necessary to advance the transactional nature of Squadhelp. One of the changes instituted by Squadhelp in response to popular demand is the service marketplace.

The service marketplace concept is different from the traditional contest model in that service providers and buyers can engage each other quickly, without having to wait for the contest timer to end. With this approach, buyers are able to secure services on-demand, and service providers are able to engage without the constraints of the contest structure. Though many buyers continue to prefer the contest oriented nature of Squadhelp, a favorable amount have begun to shop the service marketplace to get the assistance they need now.

"The relative glory days of the recent decade are a distant memory now, and experts predict that the business culture has been changed forever. The days of excess are not going to be returning any time soon. Lean is back in, irrespective of industry and our clients know that. Through the service marketplace, both businesses and service providers are able to engage each other in real time, and deals can be made quickly, to help businesses receive the service they need today, and also to help the legions of talented Squadhelp service providers remain engaged in the labor market," notes Rachel Shaw of Squadhelp.com.

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