With The Launch Of eRaffle.com, Advertising And Marketing Will Never Be The Same

Panama City, Panama (PressExposure) March 01, 2008 -- PANAMA CITY, PANAMA -What is an eRaffle? An eRaffle is a raffle held on eRaffle.com. It is that simple. With proprietary programming, eRaffle.com is harnessing the power of technology and the internet for the benefit of traditional brick and mortar companies and web-based businesses.

eRaffle.com is a website that provides an alternative for businesses to acquire new customers through excitement, curiosity and anticipation from consumers. When consumers win products and services for free, through "eRaffles," not only are they excited, but, they learn about companies as a result. And business owners gain measurable and immeasurable exposure at a fraction of the advertising expense.

eRaffle.com is shattering preconceived notions that companies must spend a lot of money advertising through conventional methods like print, radio, television, direct mail, door hangers, etc. Rather than spending thousands of dollars with marketing methods that are not effectively measurable, hoping to stumble upon potential customers, companies are using eRaffle.com to target local, regional, national or global markets. Businesses gain this exposure by eRaffling products and services for free.

With the knowledge that eRaffle.com allows consumers to win products or services they want or need, they become interested and proactive in knowing about companies that are competing for their attention. Rather than racing to the yellow pages, an expensive advertising alternative for businesses, consumers will defer to eRaffle.com, and learn of marketplace options in advance of any mad dash to the phone book. Consumers will know in advance where to buy an oil change, a haircut or a nice dining experience, if only because businesses may offer discounts to eRaffle members who do not win a free eRaffle campaign.

Businesses that become eRaffle Merchants bring significant exposure to and for other eRaffle Merchants. Consider this example. When a restaurant promotes an eRaffle for a free dinner to its customers, and the customers receive free tickets on eRaffle.com, other eRaffle Merchants will receive direct and indirect exposure. The eRaffle members will eagerly learn of other free offerings from other businesses. This “cross pollination of marketing” is appealing to savvy business owners.

eRaffle.com is a winning ticket for consumers AND business owners shackled by the expense and limitations of traditional advertising methods. Furthermore, businesses gain additional exposure through affiliation with local charities, youth groups, churches, schools and worthy organizations interested in raising funds. The networking potential of eRaffle.com is unrivaled.

Please join the celebration with eRaffle.com as this new website and marketing concept is unveiled to the global market.

If you would like more information on this topic, please email eraffle@eraffle.com, or call 507-202-1542.

About eRaffle.com

eRaffle.com is a dynamic website that allows eRaffle members to win free products and services from companies and other eRaffle members. eRaffle is a new and cost effective way for businesses to market products and services. Unlike auctions, you do not have to be the top bidder to win. Just get the winning ticket! Learn about businesses and help charities raise funds. It is easy and free to become an eRaffle member. Get your free tickets today! [http://www.eRaffle.com] ...your winning ticket!

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