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Halifax, Minneapolis (PressExposure) September 29, 2009 -- A celebrity is a person who is prominently known in a society or culture. They have such an impact on general public that people dig out news about them which surely become talk of the town. Product endorse by celebrity can easily make it presence felt in the society. Celebrities these days include not only movie stars but also sports persons, politicians, industrialists, musicians. A person who is renowned and knows by general public is called as a celebrity.

People easily connect and relate themselves with icon and that's what make them a celebrity, now a days not only big movie stars are called celebrity but small screen actors are also making there are mark like 'Desperate Housewives' is an immensely popular television soap. And Edie Britt's character was an integral part of the show.

There are many sites these days you will find on internet which provide you the latest and updated news on your favorite celebrity and one of such sites is woodenspears.com where you can have all the latest scoops about the movie stars and television stars. In this site you can dig into the life of celebrities such as: Britney Spears, MJ, Brangelina, Obama, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, LiLo, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Jen Aniston, and Megan Fox.

We don't really get the whole guest hosting "Saturday Night Live" thing. It appears to have some kind of coolness factor, but "Saturday Night Live" sometimes misses the mark in the comedy department. Regardless, big celebrities think that appearing on it is still hip and so the next one in line to be a guest host is none other than babeliscious Megan Fox.

Remember the brawl between Bravo and Lifetime because the producers decided to take their "Project Runway with Heidi Klum" show to the Lifetime network? In case you've been under a rock the show's producers announced they were taking their show to another network and Bravo got real pissed off and threatened lawsuits and the like. There was a war between the two networks and the producers and it was a real Hollywood battle. In the end, obviously the producers won, because "Project Runway" premiered on Lifetime to amazing ratings. Apparently 4.2 million people tuned in to watch. Wow!

Poor Hef. Life is not so good at the Playboy Mansion these days. It seems that Hugh Hefner's estranged wife has filed a $5 million lawsuit against him. The thing is they haven't officially divorced. They have just been separated for a long while. Once they separated a few years ago, Hefner put her up in the mansion next to his Playboy mansion. Then recently he decided to sell that house and gave her nine months to pack her things and go. They have a pre-nuptial that they signed, but since they haven't officially divorced, it can't be applied. Well, as you can imagine the ex-Mrs.

Oh for Pete's sake! Trainwreck Lindsay Lohan created another dramatic moment recently. And it wasn't a paid acting gig. As if she's had any of those lately. Anyway, Lohan was in New York recently and went to a deli for some food. So after she was done, she left and doggones it she left her cell phone inside. Lohan immediately went back but the deli manager was not convinced it was her phone and decided to view some security footage to see if Lohan was being truthful. Well this was enough to get the Lohan started on her drama queen attitude by creating a loud scene. She even called the police with the "emergency".

Well it's about time. Actress and former supermodel Milla Jovovich married her longtime boyfriend, film director Paul Anderson recently. The happy couple had been dating since 2002 when they met filming the first of the Resident Evil" franchise series which Anderson directed. Rumors about a wedding had been appearing for a while but they fooled us all by having a small, intimate and traditional wedding at their home in Beverly Hills. As a bit of trivia, Milla was born in the Ukraine and Paul was born in England. They've been residing in Los Angeles and have a child together.

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