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Telford, PA (PressExposure) June 24, 2009 -- They say that the best content writing a marketer can ever write is something that he or she did not do. What do I mean by this? Simply those happy customers that you get to talking about your products and services are your best bet for the most effective marketing campaign.

Testimonials and word-of-mouth marketing is the best strategy there is for any business. Whether you're utilizing color brochures, print flyers, color brochure printing or even hang tags for your business, the best way to get other prospects interested in what you have to say is if you have real people swearing by your benefits.

The best ad copy for your color brochures for example are those made by your satisfied and happy clients. They are the best sales agents you can have for your business because they prove to your prospects that your products and services do give the benefits that you promise. Moreover, once you get people talking about your business, you will most certainly generate more leads than you could ever imagine.

So how do you choose which customer testimonials to put in your color brochure printing for example? First, you have to select comments that have to do with your benefits. What benefit did your client receive when he or she used your product or availed of your service? What product gave the most results that your clients were happy with? Get testimonials that answer these questions and you will have a powerful copy in your color brochures.

Second, find out which particular problem was solved when the customer used your product. What happened to your client that got him or her benefit from your offer? Remember to tell the story of how your client benefited from your business and support it with facts to make it more believable.

Third, ask yourself how your target audience can have the same experience with your products and services. Make your target readers imagine having the same benefits and wanting to buy your products right away.

Fourth, look for comments and feedback that has all the drama to evoke emotions and feelings from your readers. Make sure that the testimonials you incorporate in your copy help to ensure that your readers would sympathize with your satisfied and happy clients. Make then want to feel the same experience. Provide them the reason to be emotional with the testimony they have just read.

Fifth, look out for testimonials from users who have been buying from you over and over again. It is not very credible for instant clients to profess their satisfaction with your product and then not to buy it ever again. The key is for your readers to believe that the person that provides the testimony really is satisfied with your product benefits.

Lastly, make sure that you whittle out your testimonials so that your readers will get to the heart of your message. Do not clutter your comments with too many flowery words that you lose your readers in the middle of it. If the words are not necessary to achieve your purpose then delete it from your copy.

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