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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) August 11, 2009 -- Planning is very important when it comes to choosing a wedding ring. This is because wedding rings, just like any other jewelry, do not come cheap, and yet, unlike other jewelries, they are always susceptible to damages due to daily wear as a sign of fidelity to the marriage. So what kind of planning should couples do when it comes to buying their wedding ring? Well, the first thing that the marrying couples should think about is the budget they would be using for their wedding ring.

Planning the budget Budget is everything when it comes to buying a wedding ring. As I've said earlier, all wedding rings doesn't come cheap, which is why marrying couples should take more time and effort in deciding which wedding ring is the best for them. According to professionals or wedding planners, couples should set a budget on their wedding ring. Usually, this budget ranges from 3% to 5% of the total wedding budget. So if you have $20,000 USD, $600 USD to $1000 USD of that budget goes to wedding rings.

Planning on the design and the cost Planning on the design of the wedding ring is very important. Marrying couples that do make plans on their wedding ring would usually make several trips to different jewelry shop, looking for that special wedding ring that would fit their relationship. This is because there are some instances that when a couple have already bought a wedding ring, yet found another set of rings that looks just like their own but cheaper, or they found another that looks more luxurious than the ones they've just bought. This is the reason why its important for marrying couples to take more time and effort by visiting every jewelry shop and online jewelry shop for their wedding ring.

Planning on the material According to several professionals and wedding planners, couples should also do some research and background checks on the material used for their wedding rings. This is because the longevity of a wedding ring rests upon the material used for it. So here are some of the common materials available today and details.

Gold - Firstly used as material for wedding rings. Known for its long lasting luster which conveys a clear sign of permanence. Although hard, gold are still susceptible to scratches and scuffs. Gold jewelry has also been known to cause skin irritation and allergies due to nickel. Platinum - Known for its toughness and luxurious silvery-white luster. Perfect as a woman's wedding ring. Too expensive. Known to loose its whiteness due to years of wear.

Tungsten Carbide - The best about tungsten carbide rings are its durability and toughness. Although not as luxurious looking as platinum, tungsten carbide rings have been known to provide the necessary feature as a man's wedding ring. Specifically made to last a life-time, tungsten carbide rings are known to resist any amount of scratches and scuffs. The only disadvantage is that tungsten carbide rings possess nickel, that may also lead to skin irritations White Gold - Same as platinum, it possesses a luxurious silvery-white luster, yet cheaper (although more expensive that gold). Drawbacks of white gold is that it isn't as tough as platinum. It is also known to loose its whiteness after years of wear, but at a much faster rate according to some specialists.

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