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Portland, Oregon (PressExposure) September 09, 2009 -- Reading the news these days, if I was a Senior Citizen I’d be really nervous about now.

My 401k has become a 401 NAY! My housing situation is perilous and I thought I was supposed to be able to retire now? And now I may I may have to go back to work with all these young kids?

The American workplace has always valued youth. While this worked in the past I am unsure it’s sustainable in the future.

It used to be that a man (or more recently a woman) went to work for the same company for 10, 20, 30 years and got a pension, and retired to go fishing. Then things started to change and that was no longer the case, 10 to 30 years became 2 to 5 years. And sometimes the company went out of business before you even thought about retiring.

And now there is such thing as a Pension, or a Defined Benefit Program anymore. That is now a 401k and your company doesn’t contribute to it unless you do. And even if you did, after all the financial fun we’ve had lately your nest egg may not have many eggs left in it anymore.

So now we are seeing an increase in workers 40 to 65 and even 70 having to re-enter the workplace because they have to, not because they want to.

The workplace today is far more technologically advanced than the one I entered in the eighties. When I started working there was no e-mail, computers, PDA’s , etc. The kid’s born in the eighties all seemed to have gotten a cell phone for their first birthday. These kid’s text in their sleep, while they eat and unfortunately while they’re driving. Thankfully there are laws about that one now.

So what to do when Grandpa comes back to work and has to have Jr. as his supervisor? I think it can be done.

The two groups could actually work well together if we could just get them on the same page. The Young one’s could (respectfully) teach the Seniors about Social Media and using computers and such. Many Senior Citizens seem to be Technology Phobic. Being helped over this will keep them up to speed and not slow things down.

The Young one’s can learn from the Seniors how to give proper customer service and improve on things like efficiency and articulateness.

My favorite example is from my old job at a GM Call Center. (Since Outsourced!) The Supervisors were pulling their hair out because certain agents notes could not be read in the system. These notes are legal documents if they are ever brought to court in a product dispute. But the notes had been written in “Text Message” language. Even the younger Supervisors didn’t know what half of them meant. They spent many an over time hour de-coding and re-writing these notes. Each agent who had done this was under 30.

The workplace can’t survive on 20 year olds alone. There are many vital, alert and ready to go people 40 and over who are ready to come back to work. The question is; is work ready for them?

That's why I have started Virtually Assisting You from my home. As the Digital Concierge, it will be my mission to use my 20 years of clerical experience as your Virtual Receptionist, Virtual Mail Room or Virtual Office Manager. Drop by [] and see what I have to offer.

I may be getting older as well, but I've always believed in working better.

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