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East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) June 10, 2009 -- Business card printing has evolved from the boring and "square" types that were being produced 20 or 30 years ago. Now, when you print business cards, it is all about style, personality and distinction.

The types of card printing today would have been considered childish in those days, but now it is just a symbol for having a proactive business personality. So in effect, business cards are now in the realm of "coolness". You have to be cool, fresh and in with the times.

For the new kind of businessperson, this should be their priority. If you want to know how to do this for your own business cards, here are a few tips that you can use.

• Using vibrant colors

For most people who want to try newer fresher methods of business card printing, the color is for most the safest and easiest element to change. Since business cards are usually printed in "boring white", changing the color is a simple and yet very effective way to make a card stand out. In the seas of white and even black business cards, an apple green, lemon grass or champagne yellow business card will surely catch eyes. You can even match the color of your business card to your favorite color. So try changing the colors of your business card and see how fresh and cool you will look afterwards.

• Images count a lot

In the past, images were not really printed in business cards, unless it was the company's logo. Today, people are now using other kinds of images in their cards. This can be their own picture, an image of their product or sometimes it is just an eye-catching element that people can react to. Using the correct image can be beneficial to many people as they can market themselves and market their products all with just the use of their business card. It is a nice marriage or art and utility, which can translate to business success.

• High technology additions

In addition, another interesting thing that is happening to business cards these days is the addition of technology into the business card process. This can be in the form of holographic business cards, musical business cards, interactive business cards and many more interesting types. These high technology additions can be fairly impressive and can in fact be a good way to get business contacts since it displays your attention to detail and forward thinking (which are good traits for a business partner).

• Abstract or intricate designs

Finally, for the art lovers, business cards are also turning to very significant works of art. From simple abstract designs to intricately done image collages, business cards have turned into eye candy for a visual society. This is particularly popular with digital graphic artists and developers, which usually use their business cards as a way to showcase their work.

Those are our business cards today. They are transforming into very dynamic, multi-purpose and creative prints that caters to many kinds of personalities and preferences. They are perfect for a modern world that values creativeness and innovation. So do not get left behind. Use the best design ideas that you can get a hold of today.

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