World Sensors Market for Healthcare Applications (2010-2015)

Dallas, Texas (PressExposure) July 14, 2011 -- Sensors play an important role in enhancing safety and improving the quality of life in the healthcare arena. Sensors are increasingly being used in medical applications due to accuracy, intelligence, capability, reliability, small size and low power consumption of sensors. Sensors increase the intelligence of the life supporting implants. They can also be used in various types of monitoring appliances to provide a better quality of life for the patients. Sensors enable early detection of ailments thereby allowing a timely prevention or cure.

The healthcare sensors market in medical applications is experiencing an increase in revenue due many reasons such as demand from the healthcare sector for better and improved care, rising importance of sensors in almost all medical devices, developments in sensor technology and newer medical applications for sensors.The sensors market in medical applications is driven by rising healthcare costs, aging population and the need for medical diagnosis and treatment in developing and underdeveloped regions.

The penetration rate can be increased by educating end users and creating awareness about the benefits and role of advanced sensors in preventing illness and saving lives. Also, as the prices of advanced medical sensors are reduced and made affordable, their penetration rate is set to increase in developing and underdeveloped regions.The various sensors which find applications in health care include pressure, temperature, flow, accelerometer, level, position, chemical and image sensors. This report provides a comprehensive look in to the market for electronic sensors in healthcare applications. Market trends across different geographies are also analysed.


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1 Introduction

1.1 Key Take-Aways

1.2 Report Description

1.3 Markets Covered

1.4 Stakeholders

1.5 Research Methodology

2 Summary

3 Market Overview

3.1 Market Definition and Segmentation

3.2 Types of Sensors used in Healthcare Applications

3.2.1 Sensors used in Medical Diagnostics

3.2.2 Sensors for drug discovery

3.2.3 Sensors for drug delivery

3.2.4 Sensors for Therapeutics

3.2.5 Sensors for patient monitoring

3.2.6 Sensors for other Medical Applications

3.3 Advanced Sensors in Healthcare

3.4 Market Dynamics

3.4.1 Market Drivers

3.4.2 Market Restraints

3.4.3 Growth Opportunities

3.5 Porter's Five Force Analysis

3.6 Winning Imperatives and Market Trends

3.7 Burning Issues

3.8 Patent Analysis

4 Temperature Sensors Market

4.1 Drivers

4.2 Restraints

4.3 Opportunities

4.4 Types of Temperature Sensors

4.5 Temperature Sensors Market Revenue by Geography

4.6 Temperature Sensors Unit Shipments by Geography

4.7 Temperature Sensors Market Revenue by Application

5 Pressure Sensors Market

5.1 Drivers

5.2 Restraints

5.3 Opportunities

5.4 Types of Pressure Sensors

5.5 Pressure Sensors Market Revenue by Geography

5.6 Pressure Sensors Unit Shipments by Geography

5.7 PressureSensors Market Revenue by Application

6 Chemical Sensors Market

6.1 Drivers

6.2 Restraints

6.3 Opportunities

6.4 Types of Chemical Sensors

6.5 Chemical Sensors Market Revenue by Geography

6.6 Chemical Sensors Unit Shipments by Geography

6.7 ChemicalSensors Market Revenue by Application

7 Flow Sensors Market

7.1 Drivers

7.2 Restraints

7.3 Opportunities

7.4 Types of Flow Sensors

7.5 Flow Sensors Market Revenue by Geography

7.6 Flow Sensors Unit Shipments by Geography

7.7 Flow Sensors Market Revenue by Application

8 Level Sensors Market

8.1 Drivers

8.2 Restraints

8.3 Opportunities

8.4 Types of Level Sensors

8.5 Level Sensors Market Revenue by Geography

8.6 Level Sensors Unit Shipments by Geography

8.7 Level Sensors Market Revenue by Application

9 Position Sensors Market

9.1 Drivers

9.2 Restraints

9.3 Opportunities

9.4 Types of Position Sensors

9.5 Position Sensors Market Revenue by Geography

9.6 Position Sensors Unit Shipments by Geography

9.7 Position Sensors Market Revenue by Application

10 Image Sensors Market

10.1 Drivers

10.2 Restraints

10.3 Opportunities

10.4 Types of Image Sensors

10.5 Image Sensors Market Revenue by Geography

10.6 Image Sensors Unit Shipments by Geography

10.7 Image Sensors Market Revenue by Application

11 Biosensors Market

11.1 Drivers

11.2 Restraints

11.3 Opportunities

11.4 Types of Biosensors

11.5 Biosensors Market Revenue by Geography

11.6 Biosensors Unit Shipments by Geography

11.7 Biosensors Market Revenue by Application

12 Accelerometer Market

12.1 Drivers

12.2 Restraints

12.3 Opportunities

12.4 Types of Accelerometers

12.5 Accelerometer Market Revenue by Geography

12.6 Accelerometer Unit Shipments by Geography

12.7 Accelerometer Market Revenue by Application

13 Others

14 Geographic Analysis

14.1 North America

14.2 Europe

14.3 Asia Pacific

14.4 ROW

15 Competitive Landscape

15.1 Market Share Analysis

15.2 Market Growth Strategies

15.3 New Product Development

15.4 Mergers and Acquisitions

15.5 Collaborations, Partnerships, Agreements and Joint Ventures

16 Company Profiles

16.1 Alertis Medical AS

16.2 Analog Devices

16.3 Atmel

16.4 Biotronik

16.5 Endress+Hauser

16.6 Freescale Semiconductor Incorporated

16.7 GE Healthcare

16.8 Honeywell Sensing and Control

16.9 IBM

16.10 Integrated Sensing systems

16.11 Introtek

16.12 Kavlico

16.13 Kodak

16.14 Measurement Specialities Inc

16.15 Medtronic

16.16 Melexisnv

16.17 Microchip

16.18 Opsens Inc.

16.19 Philips Healthcare

16.20 Sensant Corporation

16.21 Sensirion

16.22 Sensor Scientific Inc.

16.23 Sentron

16.24 STMicroelectronics

16.25 Teledyne Analytical Instruments

16.26 Texas Instruments

16.27 Vermed Inc.

16.28 VTI Technologies Oy

16.29 ZEVEX International, Inc.


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