World's First Drag Race Of Gasoline Vehicle With Zero Exhaust Emissions, CARB Approved Device Results

Irwindale, California (PressExposure) August 05, 2009 -- The World's first Drag Race featuring the HH2TM HYDROGEN WATER FUEL CELL CLEAN AIR COMBUSTION SYSTEM debuted in HH2’s “BIG DOG” a heavy 7100 pound GREEN smog emission free 2008 Toyota Sequoia burning 87 octane gasoline, NO Fossil Fuel toxic emissions , totally Legal world wide usage.

GREEN Drag Racing is proof positive that Hot Rod and racing vehicles can be fun when participating in popular motor sports activities, yet, have lower toxic exhaust emissions or even Zero exhaust emissions, all while using a few pennies of water to produce on - board Hydrogen gas causing complete incineration of the fossil fuel inside the engine. New Life for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) burning fossil fuels, and still be GREEN.

Inventor Dr. Derek Zupancic is proud to announce the FIRST EVER NHRA sanctioned Drag Race by the GREEN ZERO EMISSION “Big Dog” Toyota Sequoia SUV (GVW 7100#) equipped with the patent pending HH2TM Hydrogen Generator Clean Air Combustion Water Fuel Cell System, BURNING PUMP GASOLINE regular 87 octane fuel. No Hydrogen is stored in the vehicle.

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The HH2’s gases are inserted into the vehicle air intake system to blend with the existing pump gasoline, enhancing the combustion of fuel from 20% up to 90% or more, completely incinerating poisons, toxins and particulates due to the high burn temperature of the Hydrogen gas, resulting in clean air exhaust discharge.

Irwindale Drag Raceway is a 1/8th mile track (660 feet), the Big Sequoia weighs in at 7100 pounds, best elapsed time was 8.72 seconds, speed 73.40 mph, a gasoline powered 5.7 Liter V8 assisted by HH2 Hydrogen cell that creates Hydrogen Gas from water on board while the vehicle is driven. No Hydrogen to fill up with or stored on the vehicle. Safe Non-explosive Hydrogen on-demand system.

Please visit our website for more info: http://www.HH2.US for more detailed information.

HH2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Devices have no moving parts, quick inexpensive installations and lasts for years. IRS tax credits may be available for certified installation of HH2 units in personal and commercial vehicles.

HydroLectricPower LLC power was granted a California Air Resources Board Executive Order D-643 permitting installation on all passenger vehicles, years 1960 through 2008, both Gasoline and Diesel fuels. CARB approval is accepted world wide as it is the toughest emissions agency in the world. HH2 hydrogen is safe, non-toxic, will not explode, on demand system that creates Hydrogen and Oxygen separately from each other in the HH2 unit and the gases are then filtered and input into the vehicles air cleaner.

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HH2 tm Hydrogen clean air combustion water fuel cell systems. CARB approved world wide save gas and lower emissions, no vehicle changes required, No sensor modifications required, professional installation only. No DIY

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