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Starnberg, CA (PressExposure) February 23, 2009 -- The website has been pioneering dual sim solutions since 2003 and has just launched their newest dual sim card, Hypercard 3G. Hypercard 3G is world’s first fully 3G compatible digital dualsim card. This adapter enables you to run 2 simcards in almost any mobile phone and works with most hot new phones like HTC Touch HD, Samsung Omnia, Nokia N95 to name but a few. Hypercard 3G has the size of a normal sim card. 2 Simcards need to be trimmed to fit into the adapter. As the card kit comes with 2 single holders, you can always go back to using your simcards alone. Sim cards can be trimmed with a pair of scissors, the website also offers a free simcutting service or a kit featuring the adapter and a special cut device.

What is the use of a dual sim adapter? A dual sim adapter can be a very beneficial tool if you want to run 2 phone numbers in your phone or have 2 mobile phone contracts or providers.

First of all, you can seperate private and business calls. You can for example say that from 9 to 5 you will be reachable on your business number, check on private calls during your lunch break by switching to that number and after 5 go fully to your private number.

Your business calls after 5 will go to your mailbox.

So you do not need to carry around 2 phones all the time.

A second good reason is network coverage, you might be travelling or staying in certain areas where your network provider has bad network signal. So you can just get a second pay as you go simcard from a provider that has stronger network coverage in that area.

Another point is to manage people - and numbers. You might want to be able to hand out a certain number to a certain person and to tell her to call her at a certain time, without being bothered by unwanted calls on your main line at busy times.

For companies, dual sim adapters are also very interesting. Instead of buying mobile phones for all employees, you can simply hand out a dualsim adapter with a simcard that the employees can use with their private phone. Or you can offer a business number and an option to get a private number as a bonus at a cheaper rate, as most big companies get better deals on mobile phone contracts.

On top of that, you can now combine the best voice and data plans with Hypercard 3g from –worlds first 3g compatible digtaö dualism card

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