Wouldn't it be Nice to Pick the Next Big Thing?

Parramatta, Australia (PressExposure) May 27, 2009 -- We have this press release out today to let you know you can invest and buy a part of this dream business offering. Its now at the just add money stage, we can explode our sales and get top internet biilling with extra cash. Social networking is fine and dandy, but http://www.zimbo.com.au has it all. We can integrate our member base for fun and games as we grow to do many exciting things as we have financial services and more.

In these curious times we can remember the chinese curse which says "May you live in interesting times". It means interesting times are usually difficult times. It also means that a lot is going on and values are changing. People are keeping there cars longer, saving more and generally being shrewd with their money. So now you can guess why Zimbo fits perfectly in today's world.

With the worlds economies settling back to a real consumption base, a reality of a new business world has dawned. Zimbo fits that well, Zimbo is not about Google adds like everyone else. Zimbo is about a new partnership with business and letting Zimbo businesses connect to new and existing clients. Zimbo's structure is world wide, our existing clients are world wide. However in our infancy you can understand we operate mainly in this far away place called Australia. Not to be confused with Austria in Europe.

Why Australia? Well Zimbo is the new exciting division of a small but stable Financial Service operator called Technocash Limited from Australia. Technocash moves hundreds of millions of dollars for it clients. Technocash collects payments for international companies who want to collect Australian and New Zealand dollars, then we help them move their money home. If you have a Technocash Account you can do dozens of money moving services like bank out funds to any bank in Australia,New Zealand,Brazil and the old US of A. Not to mention holding multiple currencies with ease.

So back to the bit where we want you to part with $10,000 Aussie dollars or more (min $2000). In Australia we have a government regulator, tough little one at that called http://www.ASIC.gov.au They are well funded and have what appears to be unlimited powers. Just look at their website to get an idea- you can check for Australian scams, check for who is Licenced etc. Now we challenge you to find Technocash Limited (operator of Zimbo.com.au) and you will be pleased.

You will find we are Licensed, and we have been around since 2000, we currently have a Offer Document to raise funds. So now its your choice - will you be one of the few hundred people to put in or will you just regret it the rest of your life?

Imagine you were at college and a small clandestine meeting of your buddies took place. It was a meeting to discuss some auction site, they needed some accounting skills so you were invited. But you didn't turn up. So now for the rest of your life you think back to that invitation and wonder why, you drive that old volvo. So give us a look as you just never know.

Every now and then something just has to be the next big thing and we want your help to financially kick start [http://www.zimbo.com.au/OIS].

Bye for now and good luck with the rest of your life.

ASIC-lodged Offer Document - Important Legal Notice

Zimbo is a division of Technocash Limited. Technocash Limited is seeking a limited number of investors to expand its Zimbo division. You can acquire shares in Technocash Limited via an Offer Information Statement (OIS) lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Applications for shares must be made on the share application form in the OIS. Of course, you should consider the OIS in deciding whether to acquire our shares.

Download your copy of the Offer Information Statement now at [http://www.zimbo.com.au/OIS]

Technocash Limited ABN 20080109217 P: 02 96871900 E: info ( @ ) technocash dot com

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