Wow! YouTube "Chili" 30 Ideas as Prelude to Paris, Prince Michael & Blanket Jackson as Entertainers!

Boise, ID (PressExposure) July 11, 2009 -- Imagining Paris Michael Jackson becoming the celebrity and entertainer that her father, Michael Jackson was, is an alarming idea, but, during this day and age of the internet, and giants like Google (YouTube), Yahoo!, and MSN (Bing), it may ("Cold Chillin") happen! Here's the thoughts at 227's YouTube "Chili" (Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227)-as to ideas for a prelude to Paris Michael Jackson as an instant entertainer, celebrity and musician! Absolutely amazing!

"Paris Michael, Prince and Blanket have an amazing public appeal," said Al-Din."I can see how stardom will come their way ("Chili")."


Here's a list of 30 amazingly intuitive ideas by Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's YouTube "Chili")-the everything basketball & YouTube entertainment website! An exciting forecast to Paris Michael Jackson as yet, another Jackson entertainment success story:

1) Janet Jackson as Manager & Promoter?

2) Disney Channel beginning a Paris Michael Jackson Program? 3) YouTube Channel featuring Paris Michael, Prince & Blanket? 4) New Search Engined called Paris Michael? 5) Concert Tour w/Britney Spears? 6) Paris Michael Jackson (PMJ) Ranch Amusement Park? 7) Paris Michael Jackson sings the U.S.A. National Anthem at 2010 Super Bowl? 8) Reality TV Show detailing the beginning of PMJ's Music/Entertainement career and interaction w/family members-Joe, Janet, Katherine, LaToya, Tito, Jermaine? 9) Paris Michael Jackson performs "Thriller!" 10) Concert Tour w/Beyonce? 11) Weekly YouTube clips of PMJ training & practicing Dance moves? 12) PMJ endorses AVON? 13) Paris Michael Jackson sings National Anthem at 2009 World Series? 14) PMJ endorses Motown? 15) PMJ performs a new hit called "Billy John" (from Michael Jackson's famous-"Billie Jean")? 16) Paris Michael endorses McDonald's? 17)YouTube clips of Paris, Prince, & Blanket dance moves (could become worldwide phenomenon)? 18) Concert Tour w/Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)? 19) PMJ endorses Motown? 20) Paris Michael Jackson toy, that can sing famous Michael Jackson hit songs with her actual singing voice (by Mattel Inc. or Hasbro)? 21) Paris Michael Jackson tweets music (Twitter-musical tweets by Paris Michael Jackson, detailing her favorite music)? 22) Concert Tour w/Mariah Carey? 23) PMJ endorses SUBWAY? 24) Concert Tour w/P. Diddy? 25) Jackson 3? 26) Burger King Sandwich "PMJ-Paris" Burger? 27) Paris Michael Jackson weekly chat w/Oprah Winfrey (online chat w/Oprah Winfrey about everything Paris Michael Jackson)? 28) Paris Michael Jackson golf tournament to raise funds for Neverland Ranch? 29) PMJ endorses UFC? 30) Nickelodeon cartoon featuring PMJ, Prince and Blanket?

"Paris Michael Jackson as an entertainer will rock the entire world," said Al-Din. "Paris, Prince, & Blanket are naturals ('Chili' entertainment)."

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