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Black Wolf, WI (PressExposure) May 15, 2007 -- In order to present your data (Excel file, Access database etc.) to the user in an attractive way in browser, mobile phone or PDF format, the original data must first be converted to the necessary XML formats. XML documents can be available in almost any structure whatsoever. Everyone can define own XML structure and describe it. However, a standard database table (Excel spreadsheet, Oracle table etc.) is a plane, two-dimensional representation of data content.

When you convert a data table to XML format you get a plane column-row shaped XML. More and more data documents are wrapped in XML format. Mining the source data documents involves mining the corresponding XML structures. However, the tree structured XML makes it a rather difficult for traditional data mining algorithms to work properly. XMLFox XML editor is proposed to mine XML documents. Its interface is mainly focus on mining frequent tree structures from XML documents. How to mine infrequent structures which are also important in many applications, such as query processing and identification of exceptional cases? RustemSoft XML Converter is intended to consider the problem of identifying infrequent tree structures in XML documents.

Intuitionally, if a tree structure is infrequent all tree structures that contain this sub-tree are also infrequent. XML Converter considers the infrequent structure, which is an infrequent structure while all its appropriate sub-trees are frequent. XML Converter derives a level-wise mining algorithm that makes use of some effective loping techniques to efficiently discover all infrequent structures and transmits source data to structured XML output.

What to do if you need to get an especially structured XML file from your Excel file (or from other data storage)? How to create an XML with your particular multi-level tagged tree structure from your specially formatted data source Excel spreadsheet? XML Transformation Scenario is designed for transforming any data source content into a multidimensional XML documents by using XML Converter. It is a part of interface of the conversion software.

This XML Converter feature provides capabilities to design and edit XML Transformation Scenario for a structured XML document that you get by transforming some data source. The XML Converter creates a generic template-scenario of a document. This interface provides capabilities to create an XML document template-scenario based on a specific data source content.

Contents can be saved as an XML document with embedded XSD. XML Converter lets you create and define a template scenario for an XML document as a structured tree of concepts that can be queried by users. The conversion scenario forms the basis for creating and editing an XML output according to the criteria defined for each data column in the scenario. The scenario consists of structured tags tree that is invariant and, columns and complex data representation that define the content of a final XML document.

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