XRPpro X ray Software: A New Generation of Digital X ray Analysis Software

Lavale, Maryland (PressExposure) January 10, 2012 -- Dr. David A. Bohn, DC, a chiropractor since 1988 as well as CEO and founder of Chiroconceptions.com, from LaVale, Maryland has now released his new x ray analysis software. This software is called the XRPpro, is specifically an x ray digitizing analysis software which uses digital radiographic menstruatic technology. The name itself stands for X ray, Range of motion, Posture (XRP) and with it health professionals such as chiropractors, physical therapists, and orthopedists can digitally analyze x rays, dynamic range of motion and static x ray images, and do posture analysis all down to the fine degree of 1/100 millimeter.

The x ray portion of this three-in-one software package using digital radiographic technology can digitize both static and range-of-motion x-ray images. It can perform this task with either original films or digital. Then, produce for the user analysis and diagnostic measurements accurate down to 1/100 of a millimeter. This is finer detail than even the human eye can detect.

The XRPpro will then quickly produce attractive understandable reports complete with biomechanical line drawings that identify spinal injuries. All the onscreen and printed analysis are performed over the original images and when printed are beside a normal example. The doctor can with this x ray software locate spinal biomechanical faults that are missed with standard x-ray formats. They can with this more detailed data help educate and inform their patients by actually showing these same faults to them.

Using this digital x ray software the doctor can objectively document the injuries of the patient in order to get the best treatment for their specific needs. As progress is made the XRPpro can produce comprehensible reports chronicling the progress the patient is making with the prescribed treatment. The reports produced are concise and document all the patients' displacements and alignments of the spine including abnormalities. The reports include automatically lines and angles drawn on the x-ray images, complete with a normal spine for reference of a normal spine in comparison to their own.

The XRPpro digital x ray software also measures range of motion digitally. This feature is included in the software package deal at no extra cost to the professional. Using digital images of the patient performing the actual exam then including the same images into the report for the patient to see the limitations they have in their range of motion. The reports can be printed up quickly and given to the patients.

With the XRPpro being visual analysis software the reports produced are attractive visually appealing range of motion reports that include such details as:

• Performed range • Normal range • Percent of normal range • Pain scale of patient during exam • A real picture of patient performing exam.

All these details enable the health professional and patient to actually see the patient's range of motion. All done in exact angles of movement are fast, easy, and digital.

Thirdly, XRPpro will additionally perform posture analysis in the software as well, included as well. This enables the doctor using this analysis software to do a full digital posture evaluation on the patient. This digital posture analysis evaluation will show a pinpoint exactly how much additional stress is being placed on the patient's body in pounds, millimeters, and angles. This x ray analysis software will give a clear view of what problems the patient's posture is causing. The doctor is able to zero in on the root, or the cause of the problem.

The chiropractor has the ability to then track each patient's progress by giving them a quick couple of minute evaluation. They can print up a report in full detail they can carry to the primary care physician

As you can see creator Dr. David Bohn, DC has built the full x ray analysis software package. This is a tool that can help any chiropractor grow their business by turning the newly examined into new long term patients. It will put the ability to digitally analyze x rays, range of motion, and posture so as to help more people regain a higher quality of life and lessen the pain they have been living with.

About Chiroconceptions.com

Dr. David A. Bohn, DC is the CEO and founder of Chiroconceptions.com. He is the creator of Quick Soap Notes, a Chiropractic Software program which produces a SOAP note in less than 15 seconds. He has also recently released Massage SOAP Notes for Massage Therapy. Chiroconceptions.com. has been providing high quality products for chiropractors since 1994.

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