Xbox's Red Ring Of Death

Cebu City, Philippines (PressExposure) August 07, 2009 -- Xbox 360 is considered as one of the most popular brands of video game consoles across the world. Second video game console produced by Microsoft, and successor to the Xbox, Xbox 360 quickly became one of the most sought after video game consoles aside from Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3. The one feature that made Xbox 360 very popular is its wide collection of games.

The 2007 Game Critics Awards honored the Xbox 360 platform with 38 Nominations and 11 Wins - more than any other platform. According to several electronics philippines enthusiasts that followed the video game console from its release, they said that by March 2008, the Xbox 360 had reached a software attach rate of 7.5 games per console—a record for any console in history, in EU the rate was 7.0 while its competitors were 3.8 (PS3) and 3.5 (Wii).

Although popular, not only because of its games but also because of its functions, especially the Xbox Live, Xbox 360 was also under heavy criticisms because of several issues that rose from it use. One of its widest known technical issue is the term that many call as the "Red Ring of Death".

Technical Issue and the Red Ring of Death

Since the console's release in 2005, users have reported concerns over its reliability and failure rate, one of its most common problem is the "General Hardware Failure" error report. To aid customers with defective consoles, Microsoft has extended the Xbox 360's manufacturer's warranty to three years for hardware failure problems that generate a "General Hardware Failure" error report. According to several electronics philippines enthusiasts as well as games, a "General Hardware Failure" is recognized by three quadrants of the ring around the power button flashing red. This error is often known as the "Red Ring of Death".

Since these problems surfaced, Microsoft has attempted to modify the console to improve its reliability. Modifications include a reduction in the number, size, and placement of components, the addition of dabs of epoxy on the corners and edges of the CPU and GPU as glue to prevent movement relative to the board during heat expansion, and a second GPU heatsink to dissipate more heat. According to electronics philippines reviewers, these modifications have not only been exclusive to consoles repaired by Microsoft but to new consoles as well.

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