York Street Properties - Why it's a Good Idea to Invest in Real Estate Right Now

Dallas, Texas (PressExposure) September 08, 2009 -- I think there's a growing misconception that it's a bad idea to invest in real estate right now. What happens is people read the newspapers or turn on the television and they get all these numbers, about how foreclosure rates have risen and how property values continue to plummet all around the country. And so it's very easy for people to think that the whole country is losing value but it's really not at all. One thing to keep in mind is that these national averages and percentages fail to accurately depict real life market situations. One of my fundamental laws of real estate is that it's local, not global. Case in point, the latest foreclosure market report from RealtyTrac ® shows that 1 in every 416 U.S. households were foreclosed. That number is far from encouraging but then again, it does not show the great degree of variance in between local markets. California reported a rather dismal foreclosure rate of 1 in 130. Nevada had it even worse at 1 in very 91. On the other hand, Texas only had 1 in 849. That's a markedly huge difference.

Astute investors understand that real estate trends will always be highly localized and they are able to make this work in their favor. One of the key things is defining which investment strategy to employ and then, selecting a suitable market for that. For instance, if they employ a long term buy and hold strategy, they go into a robust market with very little fluctuations and shows a steady rate of appreciation over time, sufficiently protecting themselves from unpredictable liquidity events. Ideally, they also get their property to generate passive monthly cash flow in between the time that they purchase it and the time that they decide to sell it.

What more people need to see is that there are very real opportunities in the market right now and they should not be discouraged by these supposed national market trends. By focusing instead on local trends, they'd be surprised to find that now is in fact one of the best times to invest in real estate. For one thing, there's an abundance of inventory and it's quite possible to find some really really good deals. Furthermore, like I mentioned in my last post, lenders would likely be more inclined to lend now than they might be in a few months. If certain changes in policy do occur, then these financial institutions may be discouraged to lend as much. As things are, anyone thinking of making an investment in real estate would be smart to do so as soon as possible.

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