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Toronto, Canada (PressExposure) December 27, 2009 -- 1. Opening Statement- The opening statement must state what you are going to be speaking about or showing in your video. Must be what you put in the title of the video though so your watcher actually watches the video. In the opening statement you must give value and some benefits so it catches the watchers attention and keeps them watching the entire video. For example - In this video you will be learning how to make money online with article marketing but speak a little more and put in some details but not all about what you will be announcing.

2. Background- Personal background of yourself is now given about what you do and your name and any other personal information you would like to disclose to your viewer. This will build a rapport with the viewer and make them feel more comfortable. So remember give value then your personal information. Here is the best part.

3. Solution- Here is when you provide the solution to what you spoke about or shown the viewer. For example you said - In this video you will be learning how to master article marketing. You will then give the steps and exactly how to do so using any tools or tips you have on doing so. Another tip is you want to give some results that you might of had because of what you are giving or selling. Try to sell or give results instead of a product or service all the time. There is a lot more.

4. Call To Action- Here is when you tell them what to do if you want to take them somewhere else like a website or get them to call you for more information or whatever you want. You just say at the end of the video so if you are looking for more information on article marketing and or even work with me directly on many other methods of marketing go to my website or call me at this number. You must always give a call to action or else you lost the main reason you made the video.

Now you are wondering when I make a video where do I distribute it other then YouTube? You can use TubeMogul which distributes your video to forty different video directories including YouTube. You can use TrafficGeyser which distributes your video to a hundred video directories and also transcribes your video into an article and distributes it to forty article directories. TubeMogul is free. TrafficGeyser is a hundred dollars a month which is not bad for what it does. I have used both and got very powerful results. That is not it though.

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