You Can't Even Give a 100 Million Dollar Company Away These Days

, Nevada (PressExposure) May 11, 2008 -- You can’t even give away a 100 million dollar company away these days! jokes the founder of Lingtastic, Chas Watkins, during a recent interview. “What Lingtastic needs is a true visionary who can take the reins using our technology and create a 100 million dollar company while turning the world of international communication on its head”

Lingtastic, a radical internet startup, allows the user to have live language interpreters and chunks of text translation done instantly at drastically reduced prices (Up to 90%). It has created a unique market model for international communication and translation by removing the barriers between customer and interpreter as far as possible and introducing a competitive market place where professional interpreters compete for customer business. Mr. Watkins said during the interview that Lingtastic would consider giving majority ownership of the company, FREE, to a company, group or person with the resources and vision to make this new and unique technology ubiquitous.

We have this incredible technology that will make this service the dominant player in a 12 billion dollar market. There is no reason, with the phenomenal interest shown by interpreters in our service and our extreme scalability, that within three years we can not be earning revenues over the 100 million mark. Lingtastic already has over 1,500 highly qualified interpreter applications in their system with 20-30 new applications added every day. Lingtastic has developed the technical software aspects but what we need is a business partner that can develop the brand awareness, sales channels and push us in today's international marketplace. At our prices the service sells itself but you still need a strong team to execute on a daily basis.

In 2006 Chas Watkins realized that the traditional expensive telephone interpreting model was a completely outdated and formed Lingtastic based on a radically new concept for international communication and translation. A person on holiday, for example, struggling with the local language barrier does not have the same needs as an executive in a technical business meeting nor can they afford the ridiculous pricing of $100 an hour. So Lingtastic offers the ability to choose the skill level of the interpreter you need for the given task, be it casual or technical, and gives the interpreters the ability to compete for the work at a fair price.

The internet has broken down the obstacles of distance. It is ridiculous that large interpreting companies can pay someone in the second world under $10 an hour but charge a customer a $100 an hour for their services. Lingtastic has completely changed that antiquated business practice and has truly made it a fair playing field for all. If the interpreter uses our technology he can now potentially double or triple his income and still give the same service to a customer that is now paying a much cheaper rate. It’s a real win-win situation for everybody involved.

Lingtastic's scalable technology has the built in ability to translate personal and business text jobs and deliver the translations instantly as needed by the customer. Lingtastic's translators can do a live translation of email or SMS so all of your messages arrive in the language of the person with whom you are trying to communicate. As Lingtastic is not tied to any one delivery mechanism they are continually developing new and exciting methods for interpreters to interact with the customer.

Currently Lingtastic can conference in or call standard phones, cell phones, Skype and Google talk but testing via MSN, Yahoo and Jajah are fully expected to be completed within the next few months.

With Lingtastic's different delivery vehicles your mobile phone or PDA device has been turned into a real-time universal translator, added Chas.

It is a real challenge to find companies with the vision that we need to take this to the next step Chas pointed out. We have a technology that actually uses every interpreter’s computer to power the service so as we add people we add power. It makes our company massively scalable at little cost. We truly have resolved the language barrier.

Amazingly enough, what we never expected was the reaction from the interpreters and translation community itself. There is obviously a lot of frustration there with the large discrepancy between what they are paid and what companies charge the business community for their services. They are behind us 100%.

For a more in-depth understanding of the business infrastructure please follow this link to view Lingtastics investor video: []

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