You Must Know Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms Because Alcohol Is Trigger Key Of Cancer

Gresik, Indonesia (PressExposure) March 23, 2012 -- A study published in the Journal of Health says most of the men and women who attacked cancer caused by consuming too much alcohol. Research in 2008, based on a German study which analyzed data from France, Italy, Spain, England, Holland, Greece, Germany and Denmark. The research found a total of 50 400 from 79 100 cases cancer of certain types, including colon cancer and throat tumor caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol.

"Many cases of cancer could be avoided if alcohol consumption is limited, both in men and women. Suggested any man could consume alcohol only twice per day, while the women consumed alcohol once per day," said Madlen Schtze of the Institute of Nutrition in Germany.

"And even more cancer cases would be prevented if people reduced their alcohol intake and advised to stop drinking alcohol altogether."

"Many people do not know that drinking alcohol can increase their cancer risk," said Sara Hiom, director of health information at Cancer Research UK charity. For it is very important to know Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms.

He noted that in the UK, oral cancer has become much more common in the last 10 years, and "one reason for this may be due to higher levels of drinking, as reflected in this study."

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization, there is a causal relationship between alcohol consumption and liver cancer, breast or colon cancer colon cancer, and cancers of the upper gastrointestinal tract such as mouth, throat and esophageal cancer.

In the meantime, the researchers whose work is published in the British Medical Journal, used data from a study known as the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer (EPIC) study of 363 988 men and women, mostly aged between 35 and 70 when they joined the study, followed by cancer patients.

Alcohol intake by women in eight countries causing approximately 21,500 cases of upper digestive tract, liver, colorectum, and breast cancer, more than 80 percent, or 17 400, which because they have more than one standard drink a day.

Manuela Bergmann, who works in the study said the findings provide strong support for a drink at the recommended limits and said he hopes more people will stop consuming alcohol. Estimates from the American Institute for Cancer Research and World Cancer Research Fund, published in February said a third of all common cancers in the United States, China and the UK could be prevented each year if the healthy diet, and do not consume alcoholic beverages.

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