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Chester, United Kingdom (PressExposure) November 17, 2009 -- You or someone you know needs some help in relation to drink driving law. This website is designed to help you through the minefield of information you need to know. It is written by lawyers who have spent their careers dealing with excess alcohol cases but believe that access to information is not something which you receive after a massive financial outlay. The site is entirely free and included in the list of links at the bottom of the page is a link to the Free Man Keep On website where you can gain more free information by telephoning the on call solicitors. Please note whilst there is a lot of factual information, some of the information in this site is the opinion of lawyers who deal with these matters on a day to day basis. The writers do not condone alcohol related driving offences but as defense solicitors we do believe that every person accused of a crime is entitled to good legal representation. Our advice on road traffic offences is very effective.

In alcohol dependence a number of features come together in the behavior of the person affected.

• Drinking begins to take priority over other activities. It becomes a compulsion. • Tolerance develops, so it takes more alcohol to produce drunkenness. • Withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and tremor develop after a short period without a drink, and are reduced by taking more alcohol.

The increasing use of alcohol, along with other drugs of abuse, is a serious public health problem across all age ranges, but especially so in the young. Depression is a common cause of alcoholism as the depressed person seeks a way out of their problems or a relief from insomnia. Unfortunately, alcohol is itself a depressant, so the problem is only compounded.

If convicted on an excess alcohol type offence you have a right to appeal. We can help you. At first, you must inform the court of your intention to appeal within 21days and you can either appeal the whole decision or the sentence which has been imposed. If an appeal is requested the court has a discretion to suspend the disqualification pending the outcome of appeal.

Excessive alcohol drinking results in thousands of innocent deaths each year, and many times put you in situations involving violent crimes and domestic violence. How do we tell if our loved one has an alcohol problem? What are some of the signs? How do we help them?

What happens if I get stopped?

The police have the power to stop anyone at any time – they don’t need to give you a reason – and failing to stop is a criminal offence. When pulled over by the police, you may be asked to produce documents including:

• driving license • insurance certificate • vehicle registration document

How to overcome from driving offence?

• If you get 12 points on your license within a three year period as a result of endorsable offences, your licence will usually be revoked for at least six months. • Drink driving offences will result in mandatory disqualification from driving.

Our advice on road traffic offences is very helpful to you. We want people to feel safe, and confident in their homes and neighborhoods, so they can live freely, contribute to society and prosper in their daily lives. The Home Office strategy sets out our direction for the next three years for the full range of our work. For more information to visit this

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