Young Couple Announces Their Retirement from Their Full-Time Job, Thanks to the Prosperity Automated System

Parker, Co. (PressExposure) September 28, 2006 -- Four and a half years ago Randall and Courtney took a leap of faith, quit their corporate jobs, and started their own mortgage company out of their home. Learning as they went along, they built up their client base and earned well into the six figures. At the time interest rates were at their lowest in over forty years and it was somewhat simple to get the deals. Currently things have changed in the market and the deals are hard to come by.

Spending anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 per month on marketing for three month’s in a row and not seeing any results whatsoever, they were compelled to change things. Courtney decided one day to search for home based business opportunities. After searching and researching multiple opportunities for over two months, she stumbled across Prosperity Automated System (PAS). “It seemed too good to be true, but the concept made since to me. My next challenge was convincing my husband to join.” Courtney said.

Randall had been involved with multiple opportunities for well over 15 years and lost thousands of dollars in the search for financial independence. Marketing friends, family and anyone that was breathing, Randall spent countless hours on the phone, meeting people, dealing with rejection, and so on…all for a few measly dollars. “It was the last thing I wanted to hear about, but my wife was very persistent and convincing. I started looking for jobs in the paper and calling contacts because money was running out and at that time we were blessed with our baby girl, Maddison. All the jobs I was finding would not pay the bills we had accumulated and I just couldn’t force myself to answer to another boss.” Randall conceded.

That is when they took another leap of faith and purchased the Prosperity Automated System on their credit card. “This was our last chance or we would both have to go back into the working world”. Courtney explains.

Their decision, a lot of faith, and some risk has paid off. With this unique system, Randall, his beautiful wife Courtney, and their now 6-month old daughter, Maddison, are expecting to earn no less than $9,000 per month. Every time the system closes a sale for Randall and Courtney, they earn $1,100 - $3,000.

“If you could be a fly on the wall in our house, see all the stress and sleepless nights for the past four and a half years and compare it to how it is today since we joined PAS, you wouldn’t be thinking your decision over so much. You would join.” Randall stated. The changes that have taken place in the Neale household have compelled them to share their various marketing ideas with all their new members.

Randall and Courtney chose Prosperity Automated System because of the simplicity of it all. There is no Cold-Calling, prospecting, closing, or any of the other tedious chores associated with most sales careers. This new technology delivers a fully-automated marketing system that eliminates the three major causes for failure in the home-based business arena. With its Automated Prospector, PAS looks for prospects through search engines and off-line advertising bringing them to the member’s website. Once there, the system acts like a filter that excludes all the “tire-kickers” through its unique elimination process, leaving only the serious prospects that are ready to buy. These quality “opt-ins” then request to be contacted. One of the team leaders from the system contacts these prospects and answers all their questions in a non-pressure, non-salesman-attitude way, ending in 82% closing ratio. Members do not have to call prospects if they don’t want to. “It is the smartest, easiest way to make money ever designed.” Courtney says with a smile.

“People who are considering joining PAS with a successful and helpful team should visit our site, complete a ‘Contact Request’ form and talk with a PAS representative. I did, and it has changed our life tremendously. You can also email me directly from the site if you wish.” Randall said.

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