Young Life Research Getting Rave Reviews For New Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

Indianapolis, IN (PressExposure) July 01, 2013 -- Young Life Research recently launched a new premium pharmaceutical grade fish oil geared toward discerning consumers looking for high quality supplements. The customer fish oil review are coming in and they are great.

People are raving about the high quality, superior Omega 3 fatty acid content and the lack of disgusting fish burps!

Laura W said: "When I compared it to the last brand I bought, I could see an immediate difference. The Young Life Research softgels are clear light golden colored - you can see right through them. My other brand was much darker yellow and cloudy looking. I'm confident that this is the highest quality fish oil, and I highly recommend it."

Ashley M. said: "I've tried other brands of fish oil and they always made me burp up a disgusting fish taste. The Young Life Research fish oil doesn't do that to me because of its lemon flavor."

Hundreds of scientific studies show fish oil is beneficial to the heart, joints, brain, eyes, and skin. But many people either don't like to eat fish or are concerned about mercury in the fish they eat. So health practitioners are frequently recommending their patients take fish oil.

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil is processed to meet much stricter standards than the kind you get in the store. It's subjected to a molecular distillation process to remove all traces of mercury and other contaminates.

It also contains 2½ times the amount of beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids as the food grade variety.

Fish burps are common when using a low cost brand. These are caused by a combination of using an inferior type of fish and poor processing. The Young Life Research Pharmaceutical Grade is made with desirable anchovies and mackerel, and flavored with lemon to eliminate this problem.

Young Life Research is adamant about fish oil. They feel that if a person can only pick one supplement to take, fish oil should be it. They've purposely priced their new product just above cost, so everyone can use it.

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