Your Music Teacher Was Wrong

Berlin, Germany (PressExposure) May 13, 2009 -- Listening to music is fun, but making music usually evokes memories of embarrassing singing lessons, piano drills, or squealing flutes. For 15 years, a program by the name of Music Maker has been giving its users the confidence to make music anyway - without being able to read music or the perfect singing voice. The original of countless copies (1) is available for the price of $59.99 with an even more clearly laid-out interface for beginners. MAGIX Music Maker 15 is here to help you prove the opposite of when your music teacher told you that you would never be a successful musician.

A lot of time was spent on MAGIX Music Maker 15 to make the beginning hurdles easier to overcome, making it easier for you to get started producing music even faster. The new Easy mode is helpful because it reserves the screen for only the important beginner functions. The descriptive video tutorials inform about the diverse options provided in the program. The new Infobox feature explains all of the functions and areas shown on the screen in a clearly laid-out extra window simply by holding the mouse over them.

The secret of Music Maker's success is its ability to create something on your own simply by using many different little pieces of music, i.e. by using "samples". Clicking and dragging basses, drums, keyboards, and other loops with the mouse is enough for conjuring musical treasures where once mere empty space existed. Musical genius is a bonus, but not necessarily a requirement: Ideas for songs, ringtones, or your MySpace page can be produced simply by playfully grouping the samples together. All of the important ganres are represented - pop, rock, hip hop, dane, world, and film music. Advanced users can dive deeper with MIDI editing, VST plug-ins, and other production tools to give their own music complexity which is surprising for a program aimed at beginners.

Soon a song is created, and then the world is literally open for publishing it: Don't bother consulting with your lawyer, just go ahead and upload the piece from the program directly to portals like YouTube, because each of the 1,500 samples in the library can be used license-free, making them available as a music file or even indirectly as background music in a video. You could even send it to your old music teacher to show them how wrong they were.

Besides MAGIX Music Maker 15 (classic), ambitious users will also find MAGIX Music Maker 15 Premium for $89.99 (download version) appearing at the same time.


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