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Muelhiem, Germany (PressExposure) August 09, 2009 -- End of all nightmares to Online Newbie's in LifePath Unlimited's online business and "Good News" for many experienced veterans in this great new industry! It has always been the magic potion for all marketers - gain the maximum assets in online marketing - customer leads.

The leads are the currency of any business even more in the online world! Without high quality leads you end up nowhere!

The problem is - Literally zillions of WebPages are in competition with your sales offering online. All are trying to grab the attention of the potential buyers. Especially in an high ticket sales business like LifePath Unlimited!....How can You possibly compete with them! Many of these websites are online for years now, they know the business this online industry all too well!

And you the poor start up? You are lost! Finding your LifePath Unlimited sales offer in this ocean of information is almost impossible - This looks like the old search for the needle in the haystack! How is your potential buyer, your customer possibly able to find his way to your beautiful online offer! How big is the chance, that he is potentially grabbed by someone who is positioned on the firs pages of the search engines? Statistically you can you wait for almost 10.0000 days before one stumbles accidentally over your precious offer. So either wait or watch out for Plan B Pros!

This is the expected truth for all online marketers in LifePath Unlimited and in the whole online world! This is the main and mean reason why most of all marketers fail! - No Leads! No Money! No Business!

"Team With Substance" Makes The Difference! "Team With Substance" in LifePath Unlimited is a different! "Team With Substance" and Plan B Pros is a team-setup for the success for team members. "Team With Substance" as team was mentored and did learning from some of the most Successful Entrepreneurs in the entire Direct Sales Industry. Plan B Pros as an enabler for Your success! You want to know why?

Plan B Pros Vision! Start-Up Your Business With A Lead Guarantee! The pooled this knowledge and generated the Plan B Post Professional System is following the vision and concept to enable a rocket like start for our new team members! With plan b pros no formal marketing knowledge is required!

Who Would Not Want TO Be Part Of This Success? A Member of This Team! If Someone Wants To Be In An All Champions League in the online business and high ticket sales of LifePath Unlimited! This Is Natural way to go!

TRAINING At Heart We've Always Been Entrepreneurs! When It Was Time To Leave The Corporate World ...we were looking for a real alternative, one that would at least replace our current income, one where we had the risk/benefit ratio on our side and working a business we could really be passionate about but still have enough time for our family and other passions.

Our concept of being a real lifestyle entrepreneur is having calculated business risk and the freedom to run our business where and when we decide. When we evaluated the traditional business models we found them too risky and not promising enough. We looked for alternatives and found that there are huge opportunities with substantial income possibilities if done "right" available in Online Business. Best of all, we still have a life!

Yours To Success! Adriane Mueller

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