Your Self Esteem Determines Your Future Success

Toronto, Canada (PressExposure) August 11, 2008 -- What if anything does self esteem have to do with the universal law of attraction?

Let me start with the latter first.

The universal law of attraction simply states that you attract to yourself opportunities, events and situations that are in alignment with your beliefs. Beliefs are thoughts and thoughts carry with them a certain vibrational energy, as shown by Dr. Emoto's work in his research with ice crystals in Japan that can affect the organizational structure of matter. Thoughts are powerful signals that are "emitted" into your known universe and which then create or structure the reality that you experience as your life.

If you have any doubts about this you may wish to do a simple experiment. Simply write down on a sheet of paper one positive outcome you would like to experience for yourself and then create a vision in your mind of what you would like this outcome to look like.

For instance, if you would like to have a wider circle of friends then simply write this outcome down as : "myself with a larger number of friends" and then envision yourself in such a scenario each and every day for 5 to 10 minutes. When you do this also attempt to feel what you want to feel like in this scenario i.e. perhaps joyful, spontaneous, playfulness etc.

As you do this exercise let go of any expectations or need for this outcome to manifest, simply try to enjoy the exercise as if you were daydreaming like a young child might.

Attempt not to try and figure out how this will come about. After all you are allowing the universe to step in and prepare the ground for this outcome to manifest. It will be impossible for you to know fully all of the parts that must be put into place for this outcome to manifest for you so don't even try.

After some time you may find yourself being surprised by what happens.

As you attempt this exercise you may find yourself having varying degrees of success based on the many underlying beliefs you have about the exercise, about what is possible and about yourself.

If you are not used to the idea of creating your life in this way you may for instance recognize a series of beliefs that go like this, wandering around in the periphery of your conscious mind:

1. This sounds too easy for it to work.

2. How is it possible for things simply to manifest without me doing anything to make them happen?

3. I doubt this exercise has any merit to it.

4. Where's the proof that this works?

5. I don't deserve to have a large group of good friends.

6. I don't believe that the universe is supporting me in what I want out of life.

And so on.

Now many of these underlying beliefs have associated with them an energy or "message" that goes counter to the outcome that you want for yourself. Although you may not be consciously "thinking" them, they will still be being activated and sent out into the universe for manifestation.

Clearly, I think you can see, that these will dilute or diminish the impact of your initial desire to have more friends as the universe is being given, by your mind, a conflicting series of messages. Hence it must decipher from these messages what it is that you really want.

In order to empower your desire or intention for more friends it therefore becomes necessary for you to send out a "clear" and "unconflicted" message for the universe to act on.

This can become a challenging exercise when you have been conditioned, from negative life experiences, to think of yourself as being unworthy to receive positive outcomes in your life. Feelings of unworthiness, or low self worth, are also associated with feelings of low self esteem.

Low self esteem essentially correlates with an inability to love one's self and a belief that one is unlovable. Such a scenario therefore implies that you are blocked or unable to receive or give yourself good or positive experiences.

This "block" in letting love come your way is deeply programmed at the level of your unconscious mind and is anchored there by the sum total of what I call the cumulative videotape of negative life experiences. If you dig down a bit and recall some of the memories associated with these experiences and notice how they feel I think you'll recognize that they:

1. Deplete your energy.

2. Make you feel tired.

3. Make you feel unworthy or bad.

4. Make you feel flawed or defective.

5. Make you feel like a victim.

6. Make you feel heavy or weighed down

And so on.

In summary they deplete your Life Force Energy from you and this is equivalent to "killing" your desire for life as well as your ability to create one.

This "stored" life history is what many of you identify with as "yourself". After all how many of you, when meeting a perfect stranger begin a conversation that draws on such information as you are telling this other person who you are?

Clearly identifying with such negativity not only brings your energy and your power to create down it also contributes to the feelings we call "low self esteem".

So in summary what is being said is that:

1. Low self esteem is a programmed or conditioned state of mind.

2. Conditioning is the result of carrying stored memories of negative life experiences within you.

3. These negative stored memories direct the universe to create for you, through the law of attraction, a negative as opposed to a positive life experience.

4. These subsequent "newly" created negative life experiences then get added to your videotape of stored negative life experiences weighing you down further.

Sounds like a vicious vortex doesn't it?

Well it is unless you can find a way to extricate yourself from it.

How can this be done?

Well the only effective way, in my view is to begin dismantling or erasing that stored videotape you carry inside you. This will break the cycle, restore your Life Force Energy and put you back on the path of positive creation.

Recent evidence now suggests that this is possible with a new tool called the Mind Resonance Process® (MRP). A critical case study reported in the Journal of International Healing and Caring, January 2005 (Vol 1) shows that shared traumatic memories can be permanently erased from one's consciousness and through a surrogate effect employing MRP the process simultaneously helps to erase another person's memory of the same traumatic event.

This revolutionary study shows not only the power of the conscious mind in its ability to heal but also how human beings are connected across time and space through a non-local field that has been postulated by Quantum Mechanics.

By systematically employing MRP with groups of individuals it may be possible to begin the process of releasing the multitude of traumatic collective memories we share as a species thereby lifting us into a new paradigm of existence.

This new study also continues to forge links between the mystical and the physical sciences thus showing that they are indeed connected.

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