dwgPlotX - An AutoCAD Batch Plot and Script Tool to Boost Drawing Office Productivity and Ease Work Stress.

Bangalore, India (PressExposure) October 10, 2009 -- dwgPlotX is an AutoCAD batch plotting and scripting tool, which is designed to make the AutoCAD sessions faster and more productive. It features an easy-to-use interface with sub-folder search, file filter and file list manager to enable the user choose drawings in many ways. File/folder can be dragged and dropped onto the File view and important folders can be saved and recalled in Bookmarks. Multiple folders can be selected with 'Multiple Folder Select Mode' for plotting different projects at once.

For full version of AutoCAD, dwgPlotX features a script-free batch plotter, which operates on both dwg and dxf file types. All the plotting parameters like Plotter, Paper size, Plot Style table, Plot orientation, Center Plot and Plot Offset are automatically scanned from the system and made available for the user to choose - just like in AutoCAD. What to Plot (Display/Extents/Limits) and plotting scale can also be selected from the interface. The user can also choose whether to plot layouts, the number of times each file to be plotted and the number of times the whole batch needs to be repeated, for those multiple printed copies - for different parties. (For Full version AutoCAD (not LT), dwgPlotX with only plotter version is also available)

For full version AutoCAD, a script-free Strings replacer is also present to batch replace strings in drawings. There is also a script-free drawing exporter to convert drawing files to BMP, JPG, EPS, WMF and other formats. Bulk Plot to file is also possible.

All the selected settings eg. plotter,paper selection etc, optionally get saved so that you don't have to set them all over again.

The program features a ScriptRunner interface to create, generate, save and run batch scripts on AutoCAd drawing files. In AutoCAD, Scripts can be made to perform almost any kind of operation on drawings like plotting, purging, exporting etc, and dwgPlotX enhances their utility by running them on many files at a time. The ScriptRunner features Command Capture to script to convert commands given in AutoCAD window to script. There is also 'Step Into' for running the script line-by line for de-bugging, and Tags manager for inserting user and system tags to ease script creation (so that user doesn't have to enter similar strings again, and for entering some system and drawing specific values like date, time etc). Batch Scripting provides enormous power in the hands of the AutoCAD operator.

ScriptRunner also works as an AutoCAD LT batch plotter by using the PLOT.scr script that is bundled in. ( Another version of dwgPlotX, with solely Batch Script feature is available specifically for LT Plotting and Scripting operations)

dwgPlotX also features a comprehensive batch file renaming utility to rename files of any kind (including of course AutoCAD drawings), and a scheduler to preset script run time.

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