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Mohali, Punjab India (PressExposure) July 15, 2008 -- Connoisseur Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (eConn) is pleased to announce the launch of eConn resume parser 2.2 higher version.

Earlier eConn had come with Resume parser 2.0 which has gained huge success. Like previous one this also meant for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) which help them to remain competitive by reducing the cost and increasing the productivity and value of products.

Based on received feedback form the users we introduced few very simple but useful features.

a) Pop3 integration: Now you can add details of your pop3 email ID from where program will download emails, extract attachment process it and store it at local end. This saves you from hassle of saving all attachments in one folder. b) Stealth Mode: Program runs in two modes, Stealth and Active, During active mode you can set all settings like database information, email / folder information, resume saving information etc. once it is set, you can set the stealth mode on, and set in system scheduler to run at specified time. This runs in background without disturbing any with front end. You can set the mode to active at any time. This gives power to configure program on your server and use it 24x7 to resume analysis. c) Better Memory Management: After rigorous testing we identified that lot of memory leakage on newer operating systems. Now we have fixed that too and added memory overflow protection. It scarifies the speed but controls the memory for overshoot. d) Better Name and Address extraction algorithm: with users submitting the failed resumes to us, we further polished the name and address extraction algorithms. This leads to more accuracy in this. e) Web Based search application: If you use our complete setup we provide you with one web based search interface where you can search the parsed resumes and see the results.

Apart form this, team is still working on new idea and features like, and categorization of Resumes based on keywords, Integration of more than one pop3 emails. Managing repetition of resumes and old resumes into one block. More control over resumes will be provided to existing and new users.

While talking to media about this, Ms. Reena, Media Director told that eConn is still committed to come up with innovative idea which is value for money and suits to need of SME segment where profit margin are tight and challenge of reducing the recruitment cycle is another priority.

Talking about technology Mr. Raminder, Technology Head, confirmed that this product has be submitted to 3 different testing labs to ensure that it suits best and well tested. Very soon we will be able to add on certifications given by testing labs. And Ms. Deepti taken all initiative and communication about testing and ensured the memory and speed management of the Product.

While talking about the product and its future, Mr. Vinay, Product Director passed thanks to all buyers and to those who downloaded the product in trial mode and invited them to upgrade it to new product free of cost. Also he specially thanked to Mr. Vinod, Mr. Inder, Mr. Anshul, and Mr. Rahul who worked hard on new features. Talking about upcoming features about categories and database storage algorithm, he confirmed that we are using best available full text indexing of SQL 2005 which ensure faster and accurate result gathering.

Ms. Reena further added that with eConn Resume Parser, it saves more than 95% savings in manpower cost of resume analysis. And with easy and organized availability of resume database reduces the recruitment time by 80%.

Talking Further Mr. Raminder told that, Resume Parser comes in 5 different modes a) eConn Resume Parser Desktop. b) eConn Resume Parser Stealth c) eConn Resume Parser Webservice (Hosted) d) eConn Resume Parser Webservice (Downloaded) e) Completely outsourced resume handling and parsing service.

To promote sales and provide direct benefit, eConn is offering $50 discount coupon no. ECONN50USD which can be used at time of purchase.

eConn Resume Parser: Advantages Offered " Handles thousands of resumes at one go, that are stored in the email inbox or in computer's folders " Automatically creates integrated database for resumes where all the extracted information gets stored " Offers fast and accurate search results, thus increasing the organization's productivity " Provides ease from time-consuming data entry work " Saves time by automatically uploading new data " Removes redundancy of data " Offers easy integration by connecting directly to a company's website and to a recruiter's desktop application. " Gives maximum control to the user over the analyzing process, thus reducing the risk of information leak. eConn Resume Parser is a comprehensive tool that makes resume management process simple and trouble-free. Try now, the Connoisseur Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (eConn) recruiting software and get industry standard HR-XML solution of making efficient hiring decisions at affordable cost!!!! eConn's Resume Parser 2.2, innovative HR software, is one such automated tool that caters to the growing requirements of HR department. It automates resume parsing process for all your web based resume submissions as well. Using SOAP for web services, it supports a capability to parse numerous resumes irrespective of their format - PDF, RTF, DOC, DOCX, TEXT and HTML. This simple to use product turns resume text files into searchable data within no time at all. When the need arises, you can automatically match applicants with job requirements - hence adding speed and efficiency to your hiring process.

The ability to identify the right candidate, at the right time can make the difference between a good or bad hiring decision. eConn Resume Parser 2.2 saves your money and time, completing the work for you. As put by one of its esteemed clients, "eConn Resume Parser completely automates the entire resume handling process for us. This has increased efficiency and productivity of our work and saved us huge lot if money. We can now stay focused on employee training and development programs instead of worrying about wading through flood of resumes. With eConn we can be sure we have chosen the best candidates available."

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