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Strapless Heart Rate Monitors are relatively few in the personal fitness/training arena when compared to the number of HRMs saturating the market. The ePulse2 HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) is growing in acceptance in the personal fitness niche as an alternative traditional cardiovascular monitoring tool. Other factors contributing to this product's growing notoriety is that it's relatively inexpensive, small dimensions, effortless to use and the big news is that it's strapless.

Two distinct traits are evident: (1) it's the heart rate monitor (HRM) that reads continuously; capturing/displaying accurate data and the calorie counter, and (2) there is no need for a chest strap nor finger sensors to record/review cardio data. The monitor is directly connected to an arm band so there's no need for wireless signals that can be interrupted by stray radio or infra-red transmissions. This truly is stand alone monitoring unit.

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This type of setup invites stray signals to register on the receiving unit, therefore producing erroneous data assimilation. So a heart rate monitor attached directly to the arm which monitors other statistics like calorie counter in a single unit with out the need to transmit data via wireless technology is gaining popularity.

It works just as well on bicycles as it does when running, walking or hiking. With the accurate arm/wrist strap, it's more comfortable than a chest strap or any other probe attachment for that matter and certainly more accurate in most cases. For many females this is a welcome feature. You can even wear it if you have a pacemaker from some reports. You can also enter in all your personal data (age, height, weight, etc) to track calories burned, track time exercised, and several other items.

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As this new generation of heart rate/cholesterol monitoring devices advances in consumer choice; so will the benefits to users who enjoy the simplicity and the ease of use offered by the ePulse2 heart rate monitor.

The number of sports injuries is on the rise as the number of solo professional and amateur athletes hit the training courses. Doctors and Sports Medicine Practitioners advocate safety while training alone. Using something like the ePlus2 HRM is a wise choice while performing strenuous exercising.

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