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Orange Heart Steel Recycling Program, Your Scrap Can Help Recycle a Veteran!

This is a story of just how creative and generous business owners can be. While attending his normal business group meeting a steel recycling company executive listened to the speaker talk about Veterans exposed to Agent Orange. The presentation touched his heart stirring up a desire in him to take action. He contacted the speaker from the non-profit after the meeting and presented a truely inspirational idea to raise funds. Since then, many more kind hearts have joined the team.

Vembu Releases BDR v2.1

Vembu Technologies a leading provider of affordable software and cloud services for small and medium sized businesses, is pleased to announce the release of Vembu BDR v2.1.

Functional Beauty

When it comes to thinking practically without compromising on style, The Pink Firm has it covered. They design and manufacture beautiful women's accessories where both style and function are perfectly married.

Microdyne's Patent-Pending Enhanced Oil Recovery High Pressure Filters

Designed for natural gas and petroleum producers to use in secondary and tertiary oil production phases, ultra-high pressure natural gas injection filters for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) operations feature seamless, weld-free design; are manufactured of forged carbon steel; and withstand 9,000 psi operational pressure. Patent-pending top-load design with removable manifold simplifies filter cartridge/element exchange by allowing filter housing to remain in place during maintenance, thereby reducing production downtime.

Here Comes The Electric Transformer Revolution

Conventional transformers function on the induction coil principle that was invented by Michael Faraday in the 1830s. This technique relies on primary and secondary windings (solenoid) around a core. Electromagnetic flux generated by the primary winding on the core induces electric current in the secondary winding. The newly invented Non Solenoid Electric Transformer (NOSET) IS based on electric current flux that occurs within a mixture of semiconductors and conductors. NOSET invented has made this information public in book available at

Free Tax Lien Investing Teleseminar on December 3, 2014

"Tax lien investing has gotten very competitive over the last couple of years due to many new institutional players entering the market place. The industry has changed drastically." says Joanne. She'll let you know just what's going on in the industry on this free teleseminar and will fill you in on what are the strategies that are getting the best returns in today's market.

Endless Mountain Labradors Launches Redesigned Website

Endless Mountain Labradors is a reputable breeder of AKC, English-build Labradors (stocky, blocky, large blocky heads) for family, show, and field. Corning, NY - September 17, 2014 Endless Mountain Labradors of Columbia Crossroads, PA has launched a new website designed by creative web design firm, inCommand Technologies.

Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group Seeks Sponsors for Thanksgiving Dinners

To ease the loneliness of our heroes, the Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group (DP5MRSG) is seeking the public's help in sponsoring a Marine or Marines for Thanksgiving Dinner. Donors will give them an opportunity to be together with other Marines, Sailors, Wounded Warriors and their families in a warm, supportive atmosphere with a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner.

New Book About Japanese Americans Released

The Japanese American story is not well known. Japanese Americans and immigrants from Japan were removed from their homes on the West Coast of the United States and placed in American concentration camps during World War II.