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All High-Risk Patients Should NOT Get Blood Pressure Meds as Recent Report Suggests, says Richard Ruhling, MD

A recent report suggested all patients at risk for heart attack should have their BP lowered by drugs. (US News & World Report, Dec 24) It's true that people with lower blood pressure live longer, but this does not mean people should take drugs to lower it. They would do better to eat a low fat, low cholesterol diet and get exercise which helped 85% of patients off their BP drugs and to avoid bypass surgery in the 70's (Pritikin). Rx drugs are a cause of death now rivaling heart disease due to adverse drug reactions, (JAMA, 4-15-1998; Western Jour Med, June, 2000; Archives of Int Med, 9-10-2007)

A New Fiction Ebook About the Interesting Story Kelly Has to Say

Rosina S Khan has authored a new fiction eBook in recent times titled as, "The Villain in Kelly's Life". In this story the author pays a visit to her special friend, Kelly during her vacation from abroad. Well, after much bugging, the author makes Kelly reveal a very interesting story of her current life. In order to know more, look inside.

SRI Jazz Gives Away Songs Following The Terrorist Attacks

SRI Jazz has announced that due to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, they are offering the song "I Love Paris" as a free download on their site and they are releasing the complete, beautiful jazz-inspired album "Paris Is For Lovers" by Danielle Herbert & Pete Dwyer to show the world what Paris means to everyone. The album includes such French classics as "C'est Cie Bon" and "C'est Manifique" along with many more. The public is invited to come download this free song and listen to the preview of the album online for free.

Dr. William Sears' Prestigious Prime-Time Health Workshops Coming to Southern Cook County of Chicago, IL in Spring of 2016

Prime-time Health is a scientifically proven plan for those who want to take charge of their health, prevent disease, avoid disability and spend money on something other than doctors! Prime-Time Health is based on twelve years of scientific research and a lifetime of medical expertise and is a road map to a prime time filled with health, happiness and vitality.

Prompt Responses From Teknowledge Wows Clients

Teknowledge Mobile Studio - a global mobile app development agency - is winning rave reviews from clients worldwide. People have high words of praise for the quality of apps the company develops as well as the promptitude of its responses to user queries.

Increased Dividend Revenue Fund Changes Name To 'Ephraim Global Regulated Volatility Fund'

Ephraim Global, the Tokyo-based asset management company, has announced today that the name of the Increased Dividend Revenue Funds has been changed to the Ephraim Global Secured Volatility Fund. Likewise, the Fund's investment manager Mr. Scott Randelton will assume the role of portfolio manager and transfer his responsibilities to the new manager of the Fund, Mr. Yume Takihiro, effective immediately. The Fund's goal will continue to be income and long term capital development.

#1 Cause of Illness, Disability & Death Is Prescription Drugs, Says Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH

Most quotes on this topic are based on data 20 years old when 106,000 deaths were reported in hospitals from Adverse Drug Reactions defined as "properly prescribed and administered," which means it was not from MD or RN error. It's shocking to consider, but thousands are made sick daily, says Dr. Richard Ruhling who was board-certified in internal medicine before teaching Health Science at Loma Linda University.

DCAA Consulting LLC Dedicated to DCAA Government Contract Accounting and Audit Matters

Edward D. Moore, sole proprietor and Principal of DCAA Consulting LLC is a top shelf DCAA and government contract consultant. He has over thirty years' experience as a former DCAA auditor, Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Contracts Manager and Consultant for numerous government contractors. His background also includes a tour of 9 years with KPMG as a senior consultant and manager dedicated to its government contracting sector.

Ephraim Global CIO Highlights The Unseen Dynamics That Affect Investors' Choices

At a conference held this past weekend at the company's corporate headquarters in Harumi Island Triton Square Office Tower, Seth Mantell, Chief Investment Officer at Ephraim Global, cautioned an audience of more than 200 financial advisors to take notice of the investment behavioral biases of individuals when designing an optimal investment plan for their clients.

Human Services Outcomes, Inc (HSO) Announces New Program of Outplacement and Career Services for Small Companies

Human Services Outcomes, Inc. (HSO) has announced a new low cost program of Outplacement and Career Services for small and medium size employers. Such services can be made part of a severance package with the goal of assisting laid-off or other terminated employees in quickly finding a new job. Although costs of this program are saved through the economy of distance services, delivery through phone, video, e-mail, and website resources is also shown to be as effective as or more effective than face to face assistance while being more convenient to users. All services are provided by staff with advanced education and experience tailored to the emotional and job finding needs of persons experiencing the distress of termination and needing to quickly move on with their careers.

Automating Photo Editing for Power-Users on Mac and PC Since 2005

Bits&Coffee is celebrating 10 years since it has released BatchPhoto in December 2005! With this occasion the company is releasing BatchPhoto v. 4.1. BatchPhoto is a powerful all-in-one photo manipulation program for Mac OS X and Windows that lets photographers, web designers, business people, and families enhance photos quickly and efficiently. A user can simply select a group of photographs, and with a single operation annotate, transform, touch-up, apply special effects, convert to different image types, and rename every image in the group.

Morgan le Fay Returns at Time of Charlemagne in New King Arthur Novel

Award-winning author Tyler R. Tichelaar continues the story of King Arthur's descendants over the centuries in his new book "Ogier's Prayer: The Children of Arthur, Book Three." This latest installment in the series carries the story into the time of Charlemagne as Arthur's descendants battle an ancient evil that seeks to destroy them and all the human race. From Denmark and France to the mythical land of Prester John, "Ogier's Prayer" takes readers on a magic carpet ride that will never be forgotten.

A Trip to Remember

The Kakehashi Project is a program where college students may visit and learn about Japan. It was initiated in 2014, and several trips are planned for the 2015-16 school year.

Ephraim Global' Full Tables Program Announces More Than $1 Million In Grants

Ephraim Global, the Tokyo-based asset management company, has announced today that it has exceeded its contributions goal of $800,000 for its Full Tables program and will donate the proceeds to local food banks and humanitarian organizations in south and south-east Asia. The grants will be used to deliver proper nutrient-rich meals to children and families living in impoverished communities in 11 cities across 5 different countries.

Bestselling Author and Renowned 'SuperWoman' Coach Dr Jaime Kulaga Helps Take Women from '15 Minutes to Fierce'

Based off her 2015 bestselling book, The SuperWoman's Guide to Super Fulfillment: Step-by-Step Strategies to Create Work-Life Balance, Dr. Jaime's "15 Minutes to Fierce" platform will give women quick and easily digestible tools to help them begin to achieve a natural balance between their professional careers and personal lives. For only $15 per webinar, women from anywhere in the world at any time of day can sign in and experience 15-minute SuperWoman coaching that will teach them how to stop struggling with the intense pressure that society places on women for not 'doing enough,' step off this psychologically debilitating Ferris wheel of unrealistic expectations, and begin enjoying life again with fulfillment.

Ephraim Global Launches Enhanced Frontier Markets Fund

The Ephraim Global Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund has returned in excess of 5% annually since its launch in July 2007, and its mandate has been extended to encompass the broader frontier markets; consequently the fund's name has been changed to the Ephraim Global Enhanced Frontier Markets Fund and will focus on surpassing its previous benchmark over the long term. The fund will continue to be managed by Koji Katayama who has managed the fund ever since its inception.

Ephraim Global CIO Discusses Frontier Markets At EG Emerging Markets Conference

According to Seth Mantell, Chief Investment Officer at Ephraim Global, who spoke recently at the Ephraim Global Emerging Markets Conference held at the company's corporate headquarters in Harumi Island Triton Square in Tokyo, the establishment and development of the frontier markets as a particular asset class or category for investors reflects in many ways what occurred twenty five years ago in emerging markets.

Fun Animal Quiz for Preschoolers and Toddlers

This Animal quiz has all the animals your preschoolers need to learn in the animal world from pets like dogs and cats to more rare and exotic wild animals like nyala and vervet from the African wildlife to Komodo dragon and ocelot from Komodo Island and South America.

Falcongaze Explores The Market In East Asia

Falcongaze Company strengthens its market position in East Asia. The path of further development of this promising region begins with a partnership with South Korean company Hanvit Si Inc. Hanvit Si has more than ten years of experience in information security, performs network analysis, provides customers with effective software solutions and delivers quality consulting and after-sales service. As part of its activities, the company focuses on building strong relationship with business partners abroad.

'Clay Hunt 3D - Trap & Skeet Shooting' App Reaches 80,000 Downloads on Android

Clay Hunt 3D is basically a Clay Pigeon Shooting game or sporting clays game with Disciplines like single trap shooting, double trap shooting, triple trap house shooting, 5 Stand or 8 stand Shooting, Wobbles, Skeet, ABT, handicapped and many rules around the world. The app also covers the Down the line (DTL) concept and focus on different target flight path angle as well as the real concept 8 stand Skeet shooting where shooter shoots from eight shooting positions, two single and one double are taken from stations 1,2,6 and 7.Two singles are taken from stations 3,4,5 and 8. 25th target is taken from station 8.

Quicken 2016 Has Been Released

The newest version of the popular personal financial management software, Quicken 2016 has finally been released. The long-awaited update to the venerable Quicken software line includes several new and improved features, such as bill tracking, phone support, improved transaction downloading, and better synchronization with mobile devices.

Ephraim Global Research Shows That Vacation Planning Takes Precedence Over Education and Retirement

According to a recent Ephraim Global study regarding the savings attitudes of its investors, 26% of the respondents replied that they allocate more time to planning a vacation as opposed to planning for retirement (22%) or the cost of education (19%). The survey inquired which activity the respondents spend more time thinking about from among a number options: switching careers, planning for retirement, consolidating their present investments, planning for higher education and making a big purchase such as buying a new house or buying a new automobile.

A Brand New Ebook About a Special and Remarkable Pioneer Guy in the IT Sector

Rosina S Khan has recently authored a new eBook titled as, "A Native Pioneer In IT Sector". In this eBook, she describes the biography of her remarkable Dad who was, in fact, a native pioneer in Computer Engineering. While he was living, he touched a great many lives, educating them and teaching them the values of life. If you have a Dad you are proud of, you would definitely be interested in reading this story. Go ahead and look inside.

Ingenious Asset Group Undergoes Drastic Online Optimization Plan Designed by Pixel Solutions, LLC

Pixel Solutions, LLC announces the successful implementation of an all-inclusive, online optimization plan which the company designed in close partnership with Real Estate Management Company, Ingenious Asset Group. The LA based web development, digital advertising, and branding company, Pixel Solutions, LLC, explains that the optimization plan it created includes a complete re-design of the Ingenious Asset Group Website, a comprehensive online reputation management plan, a streamlined user interface, and a continued social media marketing plan.

Thanksgiving Grand Canyon Helicopter And Airplane Tour Deals

Grand Canyon Tours announced today its best Thanksgiving discounts on select Canyon helicopter and airplane tours originating from Las Vegas, NV, and South Rim, AZ. Air tours will run on a non-holiday schedule during the week and weekend of Thanksgiving, with flights starting at 7 a.m. and concluding at 4 p.m. with the ever-popular sunset rides.

Total Software Deployment Makes Deploying Software on Any Number of Computers a Blast

Softinventive Lab announces the release of Total Software Deployment, the company┬┤s solution for system administrators to automate software installation, maintenance and updates on remote computers. The new product helps network administrators automate software deployment and maintenance, rolling out updates or new installations quietly and reliably without interrupting the end users.

Approved Mortgage Ranked On Inaugural Top Company Cultures List Presented By Entrepreneur and CultureIQ

Approved Mortgage Corporation was recently ranked on Entrepreneur's Top Company Cultures list, a comprehensive ranking of U.S.-based businesses exhibiting high-performance cultures created in partnership with culture management software and service provider CultureIQ. The Top Company Cultures list has placed Approved Mortgage as the 22nd in The 25 Best Small-Company Cultures in 2015 category. Approved Mortgage is recognized for creating an exceptional culture that drives employee engagement, exceeds employee expectations and directly impacts company success.

Clients From Italy Visit Teks Mobile Office

Teknowledge Software, the mobile app company which recently won a handful of corporate awards, welcomed a 2-person client team from Italy this week. This is the third international client visit for the company in the last few months, after Amber Blumanis from Australia and Maria Thyselius Bergstrom from Sweden.

Mahwah Professional Organizer Jean Marie Herron of POSSE Partners, LLC Celebrates 10 Years in Business

Mahwah entrepreneur, Jean Marie Herron, founder and principal of POSSE Partners, LLC, is celebrating 10 years in business in November. At her 10-year anniversary mark, Herron looks back at the nearly 100 clients' homes she has helped organize, strategize and streamline since starting her professional organizing business in 2005. POSSE Partners specializes in helping women in northern New Jersey who are overwhelmed with the clutter and paper that's accumulated in their homes, as well as those who are preparing their homes for sale or to downsize in place. The acronym POSSE comes from the first five words of the company's tag line: "Professional Organizing Solutions Serving Every Woman Who Wants to Sell or Dwell."

Regenerative Medicine Industry Analysis

Regenerative medicine is considered as an emerging field of medical science that aims to regenerate, repair or replace damaged tissue and organs. U.S. National Institute of Health stated that regenerative medicine is the process of creating functional tissue to repair and replace tissue or organ which has lost their function due to damage, congenital defects, disease and age.

Ephraim Global: Concentrate On The Long Term Basics

Ephraim Global, the Tokyo based asset management company, considers that even though market fluctuations have recently impacted investors' confidence they should remain assured about the long term basics that deliver positive returns in their investment portfolios. The latest issue of International Reviews affirms that, as opposed to years past, big macro demands are beginning to be less significant and, at present, more concentrated decisions are needed.

Cardiff Based Data Recovery Specialists Open Third New Office In Newcastle

Cardiff based firm 'Data Recovery Specialists' which is one of the leading experts in recovering data from faulty hard-drives has opened yet another new office - this time in Newcastle. This new office is in addition to the other offices opened this year in Croydon and Glasgow. The new office will help clients in the North of England and should dramatically improve data recovery timescales.

Book and DVD of Historic Play "Willpower" Now Available

When Will S. Adams was diagnosed with ossification, a mysterious disease that caused his tissues to harden until he became nearly a living statue, he refused to quit living life fully and was immensely productive. Now the original play Willpower, which translated his life story to the stage, is available as a book and a DVD.